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Can you see me now? Telepresence is the next wave in collaboration

Many of us have probably heard the statistic by now: up to 90 per cent of communication is conveyed by non-verbal means. We humans instinctively rely on a myriad of non-verbal cues to convey and interpret meaning. With this information in mind, the telephone is a medium that, while effective, is still left wanting. Don’t throw away your phone just yet, but you might want to make some room on your desk for the newest advancement in communication technology: telepresence.

Telepresence might be an apt name for the technology, as those who quickly and most enthusiastically embrace the latest technology will propel the technology from its traditional boardroom (thus ‘conferencing’) into the mainstream. Call it what you will, but the marriage of telecommunications technology with audiovisual technology, the creation of an interactive two-way video and audio communication has conquered the market.

It would be difficult to exhaust the potential of telepresence. The challenges of distance, geography, weather, time zones, and even endemics are deflated by videoconferencing, to speak nothing of the cost savings of being able to see one’s interlocutor without moving.

Videoconferencing was, in fact, invented decades ago, but until high-speed internet connectivity became easily accessible and high-definition display technology (e.g. videos) had evolved, its expense was prohibitive, and only a few people possessed the technology. Today’s personal videoconferencing, personal computers, software compression and the omnipotence of high-speed internet have at last created the perfect atmosphere for telepresence to be available to the mass market.

Fortunately, CBCI Telecom is ready for the wave. The company, founded in 1988, is Canada’s leading telepresence, videoconferencing and audiovisual systems integrator, providing communications solutions for corporate and government institutions nationwide. For the past 20 years, CBCI Telecom has improved the telecommunication requirements of over 500 corporate and government accounts by successfully delivering complete value-added solutions tailored to the specific needs of a client, and are now also catering to the mainstream market that will incorporate the same technology into their everyday lives.

“We believe that, five years down the road, telepresence will be as omnipotent as mobile phones. Only a few years ago in the 1990s, not many people had a mobile phone, but now everyone owns one—we see video communications going down the same path. Networks are more reliable than ever, the technology is advancing to the need and it is cheaper than ever,” says Denis Dumouchel, Vice-President Sales for CBCI Telecom.

CBCI Telecom provides complete telepresence solutions: the company sells, installs, integrates and services telepresence, videoconferencing, audio and multimedia communication products, as well as delivers video managed services. CBCI Telecom has the technology, the expertise and the staff—a professional service department second-to-none—required to meet all visual collaboration requirements of all its clients.

CBCI Telecom has been in the game for a long time, originally dealing in any and all telecom devices from mobile phones to fax machines. The company created its first videoconferencing department in 1991 and, in 1995, became the fifth-largest video conferencing manufacturer worldwide, landing twice CBCI Telecom on Profit Magazine’s “fastest growing companies” list.

After a continued run of expansion and mergers, videoconferencing global giant, Tandberg (now part of Cisco Systems) bought the company in 1997, during its brief interval in the North American videoconferencing market. Now a private company once again, CBCI Telecom still reaps the benefits of a close working relationship with Tandberg, who mutually benefit from CBCI’s exemplary sales teams. In fact, 2009 saw CBCI Telecom the winner of Tandberg’s Partner of the Year for Canada and Top Growth Partner awards for the eighth consecutive year. CBCI Telecom is the only Tandberg partner to have received this prestigious award in Canada since its inception in 2002.

“These awards are a clear indicator that CBCI Telecom is Canada’s leader of telepresence, video conferencing and audiovisual solutions. We remain a strong player in the industry with 34 per cent revenue growth for 2009 and strive to maintain our leading position,” says Dumouchel “We make every effort to help our customers collaborate more efficiently, and we provide the best assets and the best technology to deliver.” All of which has combined to make CBCI Telecom the leading telepresence company in Canada.

The key to CBCI Telecom’s success? Besides tenacity in a competitive market and a fierce dedication to customer service, Dumouchel cites the CBCI Telecom team, 70 employees strong, serving the Canadian market. “Our employees keep the ball rolling—the dedication of each CBCI Telecom employee is remarkable. They have shown professionalism and dedication through the years, and having this award for eight years in a row certainly reflects their efforts.  We tend to take a simple approach so as to not to complicate things, which allows us to focus on the customers.”

As industry leaders, CBCI Telecom knows the importance of listening and has done well to heed customer feedback throughout the company’s history. The decision in 2003 to expand into audiovisual technology was initially precipitated by customer demand.

CBCI Telecom have been leaders in the technology for years, and are dedicated to servicing the needs of the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who will now be seeking out the fastest and easiest way to communicate more information, quicker. Dumouchel’s philosophy is a proactive one. “You can’t just stand and wait for the business or industry to change, you need to be at the forefront and be the driver of those changes. If you are the driver of the business, people will follow you,” he says.

It is a rich time for CBCI Telecom. New and affordable technologies have aligned, making room for telepresence to be the next big thing in the telecommunications market. “We see the world of telepresence replacing the mobile or handset phone, and CBCI Telecom is at the front end of this new trend,” says Dumouchel. “It’s an exciting time.”