CBCI Telecom


CBCI Telecom is Canada’s leading provider of Visual Communication, helping businesses and organizations effectively connect. CBCI Telecom specializes in delivering Cisco TelePresence, Videoconferencing and Audiovisual solutions to the Canadian market. The company has been serving enterprises, the health and education sectors, as well as the government communities of Canada for more than 20 years. They support their clients in making their visual communications easy through leading-edge professional services and Video Managed Services. They provide the most talented and knowledgeable visual communication resources in Canada.


CBCI Telecom started in 1988 in Montreal as a distributor of communication technologies such as telephones, fax machines and modems (called the Telecom Division). In 1991 the company became a national reseller for Mobility Canada—the only telecom provider in Canada offering mobile services across the country at the time, turning CBCI Telecom into a Canadian technological powerhouse. CBCI Telecom started developing new communication technologies, and in 1993 initiated the development of video conferencing systems. In 1995, company teamed up with British Telecom by combining the technologies. With 11 offices in the U.S., and five in Canada, the company became the fifth largest video conferencing manufacturer in the world. In 1997, CBCI Telecom was acquired by TANDBERG. Following this acquisition, in 1998 CBCI Telecom  bough back the Telecom Division from Tandberg and became private again. In 1999, CBCI returned to the visual communication world as a Value Added Reseller [VAR] for TANDBERG. In 2003, CBCI bought AVSpex, an Audio-Visual company based in Ottawa, providing the expertise and talent to fulfill the requirements for federal customers and more. In 2009, TANDBERG was acquired by Cisco.

Denis Dumouchel, President of CBCI Telecom, told The Canadian Business Journal, “We continue to focus on visual communication, and our brand promise is to provide the best and the most talented expertise in the Canadian visual communication sphere. We focus on all the aspects of the visual communication, whether it’s videoconferencing, telepresence, audio-visual, digital signage, web conferencing, and so on. We have continually been ahead of all the video technologies, and we employ the most talented people and utilize their expertise in developing leading-edge visual solutions. Our single focus and talent stands behind our success.” 

“We can deliver our visual solutions any place, independently from our clients’ locations and networks, and virtually anywhere—whether it’s at our clients’ location or in a home office. We can also scale the size of the projects, from just a few office screens for an executive office, to a fully integrated multimedia room, as well as amphitheater projection technology. Our projects are very diversified and stem to different boardroom size applications with customized automated touch panels that control everything like multiple screens, sound, lighting, picture, contact book as well as videoconferencing codec.”


CBCI Telecom provides services to various organization segments such as enterprises, industries, government, healthcare, education, and even commercial real estate. On the video side, the company integrates ‘video end-points’ for the clients, giving clients the ability to conduct video calls to board meetings, or create a board meeting by connecting multiple locations. “Most of our clients are stemming from the public sector, such as provincial and federal government, and we are the largest AV and VC provider on the government front in Canada. We have actually recently been awarded a large-scale project with the government of Quebec that would allow to create a one-stop-shop solution for all their videoconferencing service requirements.”

On the commercial side, the company focuses the delivery of its video conferencing [VC] and audiovisual [AV] services in Canada. “The visual communication market does not only serve the large corporations anymore, any size business and organization can benefit from using visual collaboration tools and video conferencing to gain a competitive edge. The range of solutions developed is broadening everyday from simple boardroom presentations to more interactive solutions in commercial buildings such as our Virtual Concierge, and even AV solutions you see in coffee shops. With our cloud-enabled CBCI Video Managed Services, clients start accessing the benefits of video at an affordable price.”

Industry Expertise

The company’s position as a VAR – Value Added Reseller – allows CBCI Telecom to look at every solution offered by the manufacturers, and the company is not tied to a single manufacturer. While the company works with certain strong industry manufacturers (such as Cisco), the company seeks the best possible AV/VC solutions for its clients’ needs. “To provide our clients with the best, we have the most talented professionals. They have been working in the industry for decades, and are leaders in their respective industry segments. They keep informed on all industry products and keep updated on these developments, and continually test new products that are in the market. Our expertise also attracts manufacturers who seek our feedback on their new products and solutions, because we know what will work, and what will not work for clients.”

The awards received by CBCI Telecom over the years confirm once again company’s position as Top Canadian Visual Communication Partner for both clients and manufacturers. CBCI Telecom has achieved the prestigious industry recognition of Cisco TelePresence Video Master Authorized Technology Partner. In addition, CBCI has been named as Canada’s Cisco Business Video Partner for 2010 and 2011,  preceded by TANDBERG’s Canada Partner of the Year for 8 consecutive years since its inception in 2002. In 2011, CBCI Telecom ranked as 7th ‘Best of Small and Medium Employers’ in Canada, 17th in 2010, and 30th in 2009. In 2011 and 2012, company ranked in the ‘Top Information and Communication Technology Companies in Canada’ of the Branham300 list, as well as on the ‘North American Solution Provider 500’ (formerly VAR500) list.

CBCI Telecom believes in continuous development of its employees and their expertise. The company organizes company rallies where the employees share and exchange ideas and information about the industry. “Our employees are involved in key company initiatives, as we spend a lot of time listening to our employees who inform us about clients’ needs. This enables us to provide solutions and mobilize with higher efficiency.”