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U.S.-China To Resume Trade Talks

CBJ — U.S. President Donald Trump says his country will soon begin serious trade negotiations with China, amidst an ongoing trade war that has caused havoc on international trade markets. [...]

U.S. Fed Avoids Big Rate Cut

CBJ — The U.S. Federal Reserve contemplated cutting interest rates more aggressively at its last meeting, however, central bankers were united in wanting to avoid the appearance of trending [...]

Huawei CEO Remains Upbeat

CBJ — Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei remains upbeat about his company’s future despite a highly-publicized ongoing dispute with the United States. The American government has [...]

Walmart Sues Tesla

CBJ — U.S. retail giant Walmart is suing technology company Tesla for “gross negligence” saying that the electric car company’s energy division installed solar panels that [...]

Animal Health Sold for $7.6 Billion

CBJ — Animal Health is being sold by Bayer of Germany to U.S.-based drug firm Elanco for US$7.6 billion. The sale by Bayer will help it focus on the company’s life sciences industry. [...]

Manufacturing Sales Down in June

CBJ — Manufacturing sales dropped 1.2% in June to $58 billion in June, led by declines in the petroleum and coal product and food industries. The move lower compared with a 1.6% increase in [...]

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