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Federal Deficit to Hit $343 Billion

CBJ — The national deficit is on track to reach levels not seen since World War Two. The massive deficit of $343 billion is due in large part to massive economic aid and stimulus plans [...]

Via to Lay off 1,000 Workers

CBJ — The ongoing strain of the global pandemic has forced VIA Rail to temporarily lay off about 1,000 unionized workers across the country. Interrupted travel routes and massively reduced [...]

Ford Bronco 2.0 — Coming Soon

CBJ — Ford Motor Company has decided it wants to create a direct competitor to the Jeep, which has the reputation for being the top off-road rugged vehicle in North America. Jeep is [...]

Banks Join Facebook Boycott

CBJ — Canada’s six biggest banks are the latest in a growing list of corporations that are boycotting Facebook as a means of pressuring the social media giant to take more tangible steps to [...]

Nestle Selling Pure Life Water

CBJ — Nestle Canada is selling its Pure Life bottled water brand to Ice River Springs, a Canadian family-owned business. The cost of the transaction has not been disclosed. The sale comes [...]

Economy Down 11.6% in April

CBJ — The national economy was down 11.6% in April, marking the largest monthly decline on record, according to Statistics Canada. However, the good news is that early figures indicate a [...]

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