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Hays Buying Thomas Cook

CBJ — Hays Travel of Great Britain plans to acquire all 555 U.K. stores operated by defunct tour company Thomas Cook, which collapsed last month. It remains unclear what monies will be [...]

Oilsands Lose Norwegian Support

CBJ — The largest pension fund in Norway has removed four Canadian energy names from its investment portfolio and says it will no longer put money in companies that derive more than 5% of [...]

Nissan Has New President & CEO

CBJ — Nissan has named Makoto Uchida as its new president and CEO, replacing Hiroto Saikawa, who resigned amidst embarrassing acknowledgement that he may have received more compensation [...]

Federal Election Leaders’ Debate

CBJ — Exactly two weeks prior to election day, accusations and insults were flying right out of the gate in Monday night’s federal leadership debate, which included six participants: [...]

PayPal Withdraws from Facebook’s Crypto Project

CBJ — PayPal is withdrawing from the Libra Association, a Facebook-led effort to build a global digital currency to rival larger players such as Bitcoin. The prodigious U.S. payments [...]

Unilever Cutting Back on Plastics

CBJ — Unilever has set a target of cutting its use of non-recycled plastics by the year 2025. The consumer products company, whose brands include Dove soaps and Lipton teas, says the plan [...]

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