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UK and EU Squabble on Trade

CBJ — The United Kingdom of Great Britain and the European Union continue to squabble on how a future trade pact should look between the two. Both sides are still keen to work out a trade [...]

Ebbers Dies at 78

CBJ — Former WorldCom co-founder and CEO Bernie Ebbers has died at the age of 78. Born in Edmonton, he passed away on Sunday in Mississippi. Ebbers accomplished a great deal in his business [...]

Chinese Add Money to the Market

CBJ — China’s state government is adding nearly $200 billion into the markets as a means of combating negative response to the outbreak of the coronavirus, which stated in Wuhan. The [...]

Bloomberg’s Costly Presidential Run

CBJ — It’s costly running for U.S. President. New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, who’s estimated net worth is more than $60 billion, has contributed more than $200 million [...]

Trump Acquittal Now All But Certain

CBJ — As of now, it appears the Impeachment Trial of U.S. President Donald Trump will officially end on Wednesday with his acquittal, a day after he delivers his State of the Union address. [...]

Buffett Sells off Stake in Newspapers

CBJ — It’s no secret the entire newspaper industry has fallen on hard times with more people obtaining their news and information from digital resources, but it was dealt another [...]

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