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Macklem Next Bank of Canada Governor

CBJ — The Directors of the Bank of Canada have announced Tiff Macklem has been appointed as the new Governor of the Bank of Canada for a seven-year term, taking effect on June 3. Macklem, [...]

Trump Opines Lab to Blame for Virus

CBJ — U.S. President Donald Trump says it’s possible that China could have accidentally unleashed the novel coronavirus due to a horrible “mistake.” U.S. intelligence [...]

McDonald’s Importing Beef Due to Shortages

CBJ — Fast-food chain McDonald’s Canada plans to start importing beef due to concerns that the Canadian supply chain won’t be able to provide the quantities needed due to [...]

$9 Billion Student Aid Pact Passes

CBJ — The House of Commons managed to quickly pass the $9-billion in student aid.It’s somewhat surprising the bill managed to successfully navigate the House so quickly given the [...]

Cenovus and Husky Post Bleak Figures

CBJ — Cenovus Energy and Husky Energy have both posted agonizingly poor first-quarter results due to the drastic drop in world oil prices brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and an oil [...]

Slowly Restarting the Economy

CBJ — The federal government and the provinces have issued a joint statement on the plans for moving forward and slowly restarting the national economy. In many parts of the country the [...]

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