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Former Wirecard CEO Arrested

CBJ — Markus Braun, the former CEO at payment service provider Wirecard AG, has been arrested and is accused of inflating the company’s balance sheet in a scandal that focuses on $2 [...]

American Airlines Seeks $3.5 Billion

CBJ — American Airlines is looking to secure $3.5 billion in new financing as a means of improving its dwindling cashflow as it looks for ways to survive through the COVID-19 global [...]

Bye Bye Eskimo Pie

CBJ — After nearly a century it’s bye bye Eskimo Pie. The makers of the chocolate-covered ice cream bar joins such other brands as Aunt Jemima’s and Uncle Ben’s in [...]

Cineplex Invokes Poison Pill

CBJ — Canadian theatre chain Cineplex has adopted a shareholder rights plan known as a “poison pill” as a means of protecting itself. The move comes less than a week after Cineworld [...]

Retail Sales Down 26% in April

CBJ — Retail sales across the country plummeted by more than 26% in April due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated lockdowns and social distancing. According to [...]

CPI Down 0.4% in May

CBJ — The Consumer Price Index was down 0.4% in May, 2020 compared with the same month a year earlier. The annual inflation rate of inflation was down due to a decline in gasoline prices [...]

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