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Huawei Lawsuit

CBJ — Chinese tech giant Huawei is taking the U.S. government to court and challenging a law that would restrict sales of its telecom equipment due to concerns about spying. Huawei wants a [...]

Erosion of Trust

CBJ — An erosion of trust. That is what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says was the fundamental reason that created a gaping chasm between he and his former Justice Minister and Attorney [...]

Butts Concludes Testimony

CBJ — Former Liberal Principal Secretary Gerald Butts has concluded his testimony in Ottawa before the House of Commons Justice Committee. The Conservatives on the committee put forth a [...]

45 Canadians Are Billionaires

CBJ — At no time in history has there been as many Canadian billionaires as there are now — 45 to be exact. David Thomson is far and away the richest at $32.5 billion, with a global [...]

Canada-China Trade Tensions

CBJ — Trade tensions continue to escalate between Canada and China with the world’s largest country revoking registration to one of Canada’s largest canola exporters. [...]

Delinquencies Up in Q4

CBJ — A report by credit monitoring company Equifax Canada says consumer delinquencies were higher in the 4th quarter and based on the trending direction, it would seem as if more are to [...]

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