Century Group

Construction uncompromised

Founded in 1978, Century Group Inc. has developed a specialization in general contracting and construction management. Over its history, the company has grown a clientele that sports a portfolio of impressive projects.

While Century Group isn’t the largest general contractor, the company is very nimble in its ability to expand various offices as well as in its servicing of clients across Canada. Accordingly, Century Group recently relocated its Eastern Canadian offices within Mississauga, Ont., and has a second regional office in Victoria, B.C. that serves Western Canada. A new office in Sudbury, Ont. will also serve as a local office with the intention of expanding Century Group’s Northern Ontario market.

“We pride ourselves in always offering our valued clients custom-made construction solutions that best suit their particular needs. We can truly provide one-stop shopping for all design and construction needs,” reads the company website. Century Group offers services in general contracting, design-build, construction management, pre-construction services, public/private partnerships, inventory and logistics, preventative maintenance, and millwork and store fixtures.
Across all industries

“Our relationships with our sub-trades are much more than supplier and customer. On a daily basis we are working closely on schedule, quality and cost. The combined resourcefulness of our staff and clever solutions from suppliers permits us to deliver projects on time, on budget, and of outstanding quality,” reads the company website.

While Century Group bills itself as small player—and as one of the primary reasons why the company has seen so much success—that doesn’t mean the company won’t pursue the bigger opportunities. At any given time, Century Group is involved in 10 or more projects, some valued as much as $18 million.

Century Group has the capability to handle construction projects for its clients and has developed the methodology of developing trades and securing their interest in tendering Century Group across Canada.

“Our size allows us to be fairly nimble and react quickly,” explained a Century Group spokesperson. “We’re not a big bureaucratic company so that gives us our competitive edge.”

Major clients

Five years ago, Century Group expanded its general contracting services, something the company today attributes to its business growth. As such, Century Group now deals with clients in a variety of sectors, including retail, financial, general ICI, and educational, while Century Group is also beginning to work with clients in the healthcare sector.

“We have worked with RBC Dominion Securities, Leon’s Furniture, College Boreal, Shaw Communications, Trillium Hospital, and more, so really any expanding growth company at the moment,” a Century Group spokesperson explained, “but we never forget and really take pride in serving our clients’ requirements and giving them the best service that we can.”

The company attributes its success to a variety of factors, prime among them the management and staff in place at Century Group, as well as the subcontractors who are engaged in each and every project.

Green from the recession

Like many in the construction sector, Century Group refocused following the economic downturn, particularly with an emphasis on the environment, building green and sustainability.

“The impact [of the recession] was that certain clients took advantage of the cost downturn,” explained a Century Group spokesperson. “We ourselves were working to expand our client base, service our existing clients who were doing less projects and, in the expansion of our client base, we were hard-bidding on more projects as well.”

Additionally, three Century Group employees have obtained Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, something more staff will be working toward in the future as well. According to a Century Group spokesperson, Century Group has already engaged in a variety of LEED projects, from the Roundhouse Project at Leon’s Furniture, in Toronto, which aimed to obtain LEED Silver but may finalize its project with a LEED Gold certification. Century Group has also recently completed the LEED Gold Cedar Hill Recreational Centre in Victoria.

“Our sustainability is based on growth and we continue to offer training to our other employees so they can obtain their LEED certificate,” a Century Group spokesperson said. “There has been a push from our employees because a number of our clients are almost demanding [LEED] at this point in time.”
Moving forward, Century Group’s primary goal is to maintain a “sustainable growth pattern”, not losing the momentum it has obtained in its successful run.

Toward a 10-year model, Century Group plans to again grow its staff through educational means, development and select hiring. It will mark a period of aggressive yet sustainable growth for Century Group.

Having your contracting or construction needs satisfied by Century Group is knowing you will receive a job well done. As such, the hallmark of any Century Group project truly is the open communication that the company maintains throughout the entire project, from the initial vision to the time of Century Group finishing at the job site.

“As part of Century Group’s process to client satisfaction, we maintain open communication with our clients, architects, engineers, and our sub-trades throughout the job,” said a Century Group spokesperson. “We constantly monitor costs and schedules and how we ultimately finish a job to be able to ensure that the jobs are turned over on time, within a client’s budget, and with a complete turnover package.

“We’ve been successful because every job we are turning over is leading to a satisfied client who then is passing on our name, giving us good recommendations, and engaging us in future work, leading to the sustained growth desired.”