Certified Crop Specialist credentials earned by North Wellington Co-op agribusiness professional

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HARRISTON, Ontario, April 05, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jay Lennox, FS Crop Specialist with North Wellington Co-operative in Harriston, has successfully completed the requirements necessary to hold credentials as a Certified Crop Specialist (CCS) in the GROWMARK System of FS Co-operatives. This prestigious achievement is the next level in Lennox’s extensive agricultural training along with his designation of becoming a Certified Crop Advisor in Ontario.

Lennox joins the ranks of North Wellington Co-operative agronomy staff that are already Certified Crop Specialists: Luke Hartung was recognized in 2014 and Brent Troyer in 2011.

“The Certified Crop Specialist accreditation recognizes crop advisors for their production expertise,” says Kelly Boyle, general manager of North Wellington Co-operative Services. “These credentials prove a CCS’s ability to put his or her training to work in finding solutions that help producers optimize agronomic results, economic return and environmental stewardship.”

To earn the original title of Certified Crop Specialist, Lennox was required to successfully complete a series of comprehensive written and verbal exams designed to establish base standards of knowledge on the topics of nutrient management practices, integrated pest management, soil erosion and water quality. Among the skill sets assessed were technical knowledge; the ability to discover, identify and analyze yield-limiting factors from a grower’s field records; identify common pest problems and recommend economic treatment measures; discuss and analyze the economic aspects of crop production; and understand the need-identification process.

North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc. is a farmer-owned co-operative that provides more than 4,000 members and rural customers with quality products and services in feed, agronomy, energy and retail consumer needs such as hardware, pet supplies, work wear and lawn & garden expertise at four locations in Harriston, Durham, Hanover and Mount Forest. North Wellington Co-op is a member-owner of GROWMARK, Inc. and markets products and services under the FS brand.

Kelly Boyle, general manager
North Wellington Co-operative Services Inc.

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