CFSC-OPEC proud of its role in the Government of Canada’s Connecting Families initiative

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MONTREAL, Dec. 12, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Computers for Success – Canada Inc. (CFSC) is proud of the key role it has played in delivering Innovation, Science and Economic Development’s (ISED) Connecting Families initiative to increase Internet accessibility for low-income Canadian families.

Working with ISED and Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners in the initiative, CFSC managed the development of a secure online portal to qualify and anonymously connect selected eligible families with ISPs voluntarily offering a $10 monthly Internet plan. The portal went live on November 12 and by the end of November, thousands of families were already being served $10 Internet.

“Access to affordable home Internet for the lowest income Canadian families creates real opportunities for those most at risk of exclusion from our digital world,” said Toby Harper-Merrett, Executive Director of CFSC. “As an organization focused on social impact, we are most proud of the team’s commitment to centering the service experience on ‘edge’ cases – those who are also perhaps living with a disability, low levels of literacy, or are facing additional challenges”.

“The Connecting Families Initiative is providing more Canadians with affordable access to Internet services and helping to bridge the digital divide. This initiative is a good example of how Government is working with the telecom industry to ensure that all Canadians can benefit from the digital economy,” said the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED).

This initiative is part of a suite of digital skills, accessibility and Internet programs that encourages the participation of more Canadians in the digital economy, so they can benefit from completing education, finding employment and accessing programs and services.

“Working on this initiative has been a unique opportunity as it brings together Government, Canada’s telecommunications industry, and the community sector, working towards a common goal of digital inclusion for more Canadian families,” added Toby Harper-Merrett.

Through the initiative, the Government of Canada is also making available 50,000 refurbished desktop computers through its Computers for Schools program. “We are deeply appreciative of the contributions of the Computers for Schools affiliate organizations across the country that ensure households without a device to connect to the Internet can also take advantage of the Connecting Families initiative”. At the end of November, close to 20,000 computers had already been ordered through the initiative.

About Connecting Families
The Connecting Families initiative has been designed to connect hundreds of thousands of low-income Canadian families to the Internet. Participating Internet Service Providers are voluntarily contributing to the initiative by offering $10 Internet service (plus tax) to randomly selected families who currently receive the maximum Canada Child Benefit.

About the CFS program
Computers for Schools is a pan-Canadian program that refurbishes computers donated by government, businesses and individuals, for use by schools, registered not-for-profit organizations and low-income families.

Computers for Success – Canada Inc. | Ordinateurs pour l’excellence – Canada Inc. (CFSC-OPEC) is a not-for-profit organization, established in 2005, supporting the impacts of Government of Canada digital inclusion and economic development programs. CFSC-OPEC’s services stand in four pillars – marketing and communications, partnership development, strategic planning, and project management.

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