Chinese Physicians Are Going Digital, Kantar Health Study Finds

SHANGHAI, Oct. 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – A new study measuring how Chinese physicians are using and accessing digital resources reveals that innovative information channels – such as social media, online meetings, video conferences and mobile applications – are now equally important as traditional channels for acquiring medical information. Digital Life Physician 2015, the third consecutive study by Kantar Health, a leading global healthcare consulting firm, and DXY, offers insights about the online behavior of Chinese physicians and the competitive digital landscape.“As traditional methods of communicating with doctors become less effective and online usage within the Chinese healthcare community grows, it’s increasingly important to understand exactly how doctors consume information and communicate digitally,” said Graeme Jacombs, Managing Director – Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Kantar Health. “Through this report, we offer a comprehensive view of the physician digital landscape in China based on a large, robust and recent sample covering more than 20 specialty areas.”The study measures three elements: physician behavior, including an evaluation of behaviors on digital channels and platforms; company performance, including a ranking, overall and by innovative platforms, of leading players and competitive benchmarking based on customer voices; and best practices, including case studies that showcase key execution details and findings. Key findings of the study include:
Chinese physicians spent an average of 24.2 hours online per week in 2015.More than half of Chinese physicians’ online time is spent on professional activities.Chinese doctors from oncology, respiratory and cardiology specialty areas reported higher-than-average online professional time.Ninety-five percent of Chinese physicians own a smartphone and have installed Wechat.Among Wechat users, 91 percent subscribe to medical-related public accounts.More than 50 percent of Chinese doctors say they will read most “push messages” by public-related accounts, and 36 percent say they will read at least part of push messages received.Fifty-three percent of Chinese physicians say they are willing to participate in online activities developed by pharma companies.“Digital Life Physician 2015 demonstrates that digital physicians have arrived in Chinese healthcare, and they’re here to stay,” Jacombs said. “That means opportunities abound for astute pharmaceutical companies as they engage and increase their presence in China’s digital landscape. As Chinese physicians increase their time online and participate in more diverse professional activities, pharmaceutical marketers will benefit from deeper, more productive engagements, as Chinese physicians perceive there’s a competitive advantage to be gained by ‘going digital’.”About Digital Life Physician 2015
Digital Life Physician 2015 employs a combination of innovative online and offline tools and techniques to uncover the physicians’ engagement levels as they undertake professional and leisure activities across online channels. The structure of the online sample is designed to mirror the structure of the true Chinese physician population as closely as possible. This includes representative samples of both geographic and specialty distributions.
For more information about Digital Life Physician 2015, including opportunities for customization to target physician specialties, please contact Kantar Health’s Adele Li, Head of Marketing Insights, China, at DXY
DXY ( is the largest online academic portal for 5 million Chinese physicians and life sciences professionals. It was established in 2000 and now has 1.8 million licensed physicians. DXY features 100+ columns to facilitate communication, information sharing and collaboration of medical professionals within practically all sub-specialties of clinical medicine, basic medical research, life sciences and pharmaceutical research.
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