Chippingham Financial Group

Best Equipped for the Future of Investing

Chippingham Financial Group (CFG) provides a high standard of products and services that includes trading in equities, fixed income and bonds, registered accounts such as RRSP, RESP, RRIF, TFSA, mutual funds, professionally managed portfolios, and commodity futures trading. Based out of Toronto, the firm now services clients in The Greater Toronto Area, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, and Moncton.

Chippingham Financial Group is a registered investment dealer with the Investment Industry Organization of Canada (IIROC).Their mission is to place client needs first; they uphold trust and integrity as the guiding values in the way they conduct their business.

Chippingham is a Type II Introducing Broker clearing through the National Bank Correspondent Network (NBCN) and Laurentian Bank Securities (LBS), jointly owned by Gary Ng and Mr. Sepoy Wong. In 2012, Chippingham Financial Group acquired Kernaghan Securities, with the vision of building the firm into a National Institution providing retail clients a premium full service investment and trading experience.

There have been some significant developments for Chippingham since they last appeared in CBJ. The Group has continued to experience tremendous growth and recently completed its ambitions to become a National Investment Dealer literally stretching coast to coast. “We now have branches from Vancouver, BC to Moncton, New Brunswick”, says Gary Ng, “Furthermore, we have continued to grow in all segments of business that we’ve focused on including Commodity Futures Trading, Financial Planning, and Corporate Finance/Investment Banking.”

Along with geographical expansion, new products were added to provide their clients with a greater selection of financial products. Beyond equity and managed portfolios, the firm now offers CDN and US options trading, access to new issues and syndication deals, NBCN’s full suite of research and futures trading through their clearing arrangement with LBS.

The Group is excited to continue building their Commodity Futures trading platform and are on track to becoming the premier full-service commodity dealer in Canada. “We are gaining a lot of positive traction with our Chippingham Total Wealth Approach program, allowing us to reach out to everyday Canadian’s and help them plan towards financial freedom”, says Ng.

Chippingham is also expanding their Corporate Financing offering. “We look forward to helping our clients raise the necessary capital to help their firms grow here in Canada and also create new jobs for the domestic economy,” says Ng.

The team’s financial expertise extends to their clientele, every step of the way. Client experience is always on the forefront of their Investment Advisors and management team. “We want to be the ‘Best in Class’ investment dealer in Canada which means investing in our people, regular updates in training and compliance and IT infrastructure,” says Ng. “I truly believe that Chippingham is the leader of anticipating the needs of the future and is the best equipped for the future of investing in Canada.”

Anticipating the needs of their clientele and being intimately involved with the markets is the key to Chippingham’s success and commitment to their clients. “We believe that our job as Investment Advisors are essentially the same as that of a ‘solution provider’, meaning that it is simply not good enough to address the problems on the surface; we must create exceptional solutions that address current needs but also issues that have potentially never been seen before”, says Ng.

In 2014, Chippingham was the only investment dealer that forecasted crude oil would trade below $40. “Not only did we forecast it, we were prepared for it,” says Ng. “Everyone thought at the time when crude oil was at $95, that our paradigm that we were forecasting wasn’t possible and even the most pessimistic analyst did not have a price target like ours”. Chippingham’s Advisors and Traders went to work and prepared for this scenario and their clients benefited from their proactive approach. “We are constantly looking far into the future,” says Ng.

Chippingham is aware of the trends that are taking place in the financial markets. They also recognize the faults in their competition because of their inability to adapt to a constantly changing landscape. “We are seeing our competition fail and many small dealers disappearing,” says Ng.“We still see many dealers operate the same way as they did in the 90s, which is simply ludicrous.The client is far more sophisticated now with information readily available at their finger tips. Investment Advisors that aren’t encouraged to constantly re-train themselves will be left behind or find themselves less educated about investments than the clients they are supposed to be advising.”

Chippingham invests heavily in training their team and encourages professional development to upgrade their skills, even if there is no apparent or immediate need for it. “Just as in investing, our philosophy is to sow seeds now, so that we will have a plentiful harvest later,” says Ng. Chippingham continues to acquire very talented people to join their team nation-wide. “Our ‘go getting’ attitude and respect for the changing landscape means we are constantly looking for innovative ideas and entrepreneurs to join us,” says Ng. “ We have created an environment that cultivates entrepreneurs and helps them succeed. We want to create more of this success”.

The Group is seeing a huge surge in demand for quality financial planning. Gone are the days of meeting with investment advisors bi-annually to go over accounts and sign forms. “Our clients are sophisticated and are very keen on learning new ways to increase the returns of their investments,” says Ng. “ It’s simply not good enough to passively manage investment dollars anymore. “ With the Chippingham Total Wealth Approach, the Group is showing Canadian’s there is a way to better manage personal wealth and take control of their financial future, which is having a positive impact on their clientele.

As their business continues to grow, Chippingham continues to employ their strategic approach with their expansion plans which may include new products, locations, acquisitions, etc. Their goal, however, remains in providing the best quality service and advice for their clients and building on those key relationships. “We are not trying to be the biggest,” says Ng “But we are aiming to be the best.”