Choosing to go to Couples Drug Rehab Therapy Together

SAN DIEGO–(Marketwired – November 28, 2017) – Couples struggling with addiction have options that will allow them to address their dependence in unity. Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy considers that the relationship would benefit from the two individuals being counselled together to overcome the addictions and the actions stemmed from addict behaviors that may resurface while trying to reach sobriety.

IBCT (Integrative Behavioral Couples Therapy) helps couples regain a better understanding of each other’s emotions and breaking down the past. Learning the truth from both sides of the story. Spouses or partners have both positive and negative influences over their counterpart’s drug behaviors. Protectiveness can lead to enabling. Couples who are addicted to drugs or alcohol often experience difficulties with setting boundaries, expressing feelings, making decisions, parenting, and handling finances. Couples rehab centers provide education, skills, training, and counseling to help partners achieve improved ways of handling these difficulties. In BCT, couples are retrained to support and reward abstinence as well as good decision making, as well as identify and rectify relationship conflicts related to the addictive behavior.

Couples would need to go through specific detox treatments, once that is taken care of they can move onto counseling together. Their own unique healing strategies will be determined and then combined to learn how each partner can better assist one another. They will learn how to invest quality time with one another without using drugs or alcohol.

They will be tested with conversation engagements, interaction training and expression exercises. They are literally re-writing the fabric of their relationship by repairing the damage that the abuse has caused. Most couples find that they bonded through the addiction, and are worried that they may have nothing else to bond over. When a couple desires to participate in drug or alcohol treatment together, it is crucial that they both have made the decision to keep the relationship strong.

Researchers have shown that couples entering treatment together have actually increased the possibilities of staying sober. It is also reported they have greater levels of satisfaction with the relationship and in turn better functionality within the family than those who seek individual treatment.

When couples are deep into their addiction they can see no way out, their partner is suffering and there is no strong counterpart, they are both just swimming in the seas of no hope. It is important to keep each other sober, learning each partners triggers and helping them avoid them. Specialized couples drug treatment teaches the tools necessary to overcome obstacles, prevent relapse and achieve long term recovery.

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