CIR Realty


Looking for a new home, commercial complex or realtor in the Calgary area? CIR Realty can help.

On the cusp of 30 years in providing expert advice in the real estate arena, the company understands the importance of knowing the local market. In fact, with the second largest market share in Calgary, this independent brokerage knows it very well. With more than 700 relators and staff, CIR Realty is one of the country’s largest and most successful real estate companies.


CIR Realty uses a “strict adherence” to its fundamental principles. “These include integrity, sincerity and value. We always strive to deliver outstanding value and we have an unwavering commitment to our realtors. As a direct result, our realtors are able to deliver outstanding value and an unwavering commitment to every one of their clients,” states the company website.

CIR Realty provides its realtors, the backbone of the company, with the tools needed to provide clients with “fast and easy access to important information.”

Though technology plays an important role in the industry, CIR Realty finds a delicate balance between employing technology to its benefit and the personal attention the client deserves.

“We know our realtors are experts at providing high touch and CIR Realty complements this by providing high-tech solutions.”


This use of technology has given CIR Realty a decided edge. The brokerage has taken on the extra initiative of creating its own in-house skills upgrading curriculum, taught in CIR University courses to ensure the CIR Realty team is “the most educated in the industry.” CIR Realty is also acknowledged to be leaders in cutting-edge technology and market strategies, using a diverse chain of media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and its own website, which has an archive of resources for clients.

Yet these are all tools to facilitate what is at the core of CIR Realty: relationships with clients and their communities. “CIR Realty continues to grow and strengthen because we choose to focus on what matters most—people. That is why we choose to surround ourselves with the best people in the industry. We are all about creating genuine relationships and this explains why people want to work with us,” states the website.

Having such a fortuitous history in the industry, CIR Realty will strategically expand its business within the local Calgary region and the greater Albertan industry. With strong roots in the Calgary market, CIR Realty is poised to become top holder of market share in all the markets it operates in.

“A growing and thriving company is not only more stable and secure, but also provides greater opportunities and excitement for everyone involved,” states the company website.

As such, clients looking for real estate representation in the Edmonton, Red Deer, and Lethbridge area can also depend on CIR Realty’s extended network in their areas. “CIR Realty’s management team consists of four office managers, a conveyance manager, a business manager, a corporate training manager, a marketing manager, an IT & finance manager, and a broker/general manager. Our staff members work in marketing and public relations, printshop, document conveyance, accounting, and reception,” says CIR Realty.

Helping people find the right place to make a home or a business is a privilege, one that CIR Realty will continue to do for another 30 years and then some. CIR Realty wants all its clients to be assured that you are working with the best. “We care about our clients and their families. We pay attention to the small details because they add up to make a big difference.”