City of Warman, Saskatchewan

Growing Saskatchewan suburb attracting major commercial attention

Located approximately 20 kilometers north of Saskatoon, the City of Warman has gained the reputation of a vibrant business community.

Warman is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada, with a 48.5 percent population increase during the last census period. Between 170 and 250 new single family houses have been built every year for the past three years. In 2012, the City saw 245 single family housing starts and 100 multi-family units, a number set to be exceeded again this year. With a trade area population of 30,000 and growing, the demographic of the current 8,000-plus people living in Warman is young and affluent, with the average age being 31 and the average family income at $90,000.

Renowned as a desirable residential community, Warman is now gaining attention as an upcoming commercial hotspot, with economic incentives and an untapped market that is very attractive to potential businesses.

Rapid Residential Growth

“Our Community has grown leaps and bounds in the area of residential development and we do not see that trend ending any time soon,” says Mayor Spence. “Our community attracts a whole host of new residents of various ages and lifestyles, all trying to move to a community that boasts a safe and quiet quality of life. Warman has great amenities and recreational opportunities for all ages and is a beautiful community to live, work and play.”

Mayor Spence cites residential development along with an abundance of amenities as the distinguishing features for her community. Warman’s residents enjoy a well-planned community layout, with many interlinking walking paths, joining one neighbourhood to the next.

“We have seen our health services expand greatly over the last few years,” says Mayor Spence, “such as the GAMA Integrated Health Centre, a state of the art medical health facility which offers a fully integrated general medical and minor emergency service. Warman Diagnostics, the ultrasound centre opened last year, bringing this much needed amenity to our community. Having health services at our finger tips is a bonus for any growing community.”

Legends Golf Course

The recently opened Legends Golf Course is also driving tourism to Warman. The 18-hole facility hosted the 2011 Saskatchewan Men’s Amateur Championship, and is the scene of many networking business opportunities throughout the year.

Commercial Expansion

A community with a strong residential base such as Warman will quickly see commercial expansion, which is exactly what is happening in this community. Businesses are capitalizing on the city’s rapid residential growth and very competitive commercial incentives.

Improvements in infrastructure are another big draw for businesses. City Manager, Ivan Gabrysh tells CBJ that the Highway 305 construction is underway around Warman, and arterial road construction is taking place to allow for increased traffic and safer travelling throughout the community.
“Due to the foresight of part and current councils and administration we have high standards for our growing community and a plan for infrastructure to keep up with that growth,” says Gabrysh.

Warman Business Tax Incentive

“Warman is Open for Business,” states Economic Development Officer for the City of Warman, Sarah King. “We have seen a rapid growth in our population, and we are well prepared to accommodate the commercial development to fulfill that need.”

To attract commercial development, the new Business Tax Incentive Bylaw 2013 was adopted by council to encourage commercial and industrial development. The bylaw encourages businesses to locate or expand their operations within Warman and demonstrates the City’s commitment to business and industry. Businesses are eligible for up to a five-year tax exemption period.

“Business retention, attraction and development have become a top priority for Warman City Council and administration,” says Mayor Spence. Confidence in Warman is at an all-time high, and national chains are now focused and showing keen interest in our city.”

Commercial development in Warman will draw from a larger population pool than just the city alone. The proximity to a major city helps drive growth, tourism and commercial activity in the region. In fact, the region has three cities all at a very close proximity to one another which in itself is a key attraction for new residents and businesses alike.

Commercial Developments

The Legends Plaza, an 11-acre commercial development in the center of Warman is currently underway, located adjacent to the Legends Recreation facility on Centennial Blvd. This development will boast numerous large national and multi-national companies.

A $10 million Co-op Food Store and Gas Station are anticipated to open spring of 2014. The Food Store will house just over 25,000 square feet of retail space, and will employ 100 people when fully operational.  Additionally, Avatex Devcorp Inc. is developing the Warman StoneGate site, a 30-acre regional scale shopping centre, with construction to start in early 2014. The StoneGate site will be home to numerous retail shops, and possible hotels, banks, fast food outlets, a grocery store and other major anchors.

“We see Warman’s future as a continuously progressive community with many amenities,” says Mayor Spence. “With the Business Tax Incentive Bylaw, along with forward thinking, we feel we are taking the right steps towards becoming a community that is able to sustain itself with goods and services right here at home; a diverse community that takes the needs of all their residents into consideration as we move ahead.”