Municipality of Clarington

Leading the Way

Situated in Durham Region, the Municipality of Clarington is a quaint, inclusive community on the eastern border of the Greater Toronto Area and the shores of Lake Ontario.

Comprised of four main centres – Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle and Orono – the Municipality also consists of 14 quaint hamlets. Clarington boasts a population of approximately 85,000, spread across an area the size of Toronto. Enjoying all of the amenities and an attractive business base, while being a close-knit, safe and neighbourly community, the Municipality of Clarington is an ideal blend of rural and urban living.

Economic Measures

A small urban community that is only a short trip from the major hub of Toronto, a microcosm of the Ontario economy keeps Clarington strong. Clarington is the proud home to a major agricultural base as well as Ontario Power Generation –Darlington Nuclear, Canada’s largest single producer of electricity. The Municipality of Clarington provides essential resources for Ontario’s growing economy.

Working alongside the Clarington Board of Trade, the Municipality has established strong economic development principles that foster community development and a pro-business environment to retain and attract entrepreneurs in an effort to support local business growth.

“We think that we’re the most brilliant municipality in Canada because we gave the Board of Trade our economic development contract,” Adrian Foster, Mayor of the Municipality of Clarington, told The Canadian Business Journal, “the theory being that business does a far better job than government in promoting business. We openly seek opportunities where we can piggyback with business.”

Sheila Hall, Executive Director, Economic Development Officer at the Clarington Board of Trade, commented on the municipality’s agricultural base, “It’s important that we respect our farms as businesses; we are working with the farming community to better understand their business needs. We are fostering partnerships to advance innovation and implementation of new technologies and smarter ways to do business.

“90 per cent of our businesses are in growth mode, whether it’s adding employees or adding technology or new machinery to help them be more effective. It’s fabulous to tour this community and see the growth and the optimism.”

Clarington continues to network with the local energy sector supply chain, pursuing outreach economic development opportunities. Two new nuclear units are under consideration at OPG’s Darlington Nuclear Generating Station. In addition, the Darlington Nuclear Refurbishment Project is a unique global opportunity that holds significant potential to provide the municipality with an increased economic presence in the energy industry.

Perusing the local economy, the effects of the global recession were seen in Clarington, with the local automotive and manufacturing industries feeling the biggest pinch. Business diversification, lean business initiatives, and outside-the-box thinking pushed many companies through this challenging period, and as a result these same organizations now reap the benefits at a new height of prosperity in the post-recession.

Quality of Life

The Municipality of Clarington is an ideal community to raise a family. Offering affordable housing close to a major urban centre, in addition to the lowest residential taxes in the Regional Municipality of Durham, Clarington continues to drive new residents and businesses to the area.

“Living in Clarington is unsurpassed,” Mayor Foster beamed. “We’re right on the lake; our municipality has more waterfront than any other in the GTA. We’re right in the middle of cottage country and the City of Toronto. Our average incomes are significantly above average. Our residents recognize that Clarington is great community with many opportunities.”

As the community moves forward, Clarington is confident that with the future extension of Highway 407, the municipality will continue to offer an attractive base for both businesses and new residents.

“Clarington is a growing and dynamic area. At the same time, we’re very focused on maintaining our historic and vibrant downtowns. It has such a wonderful and diverse flavour,” Mayor Foster concluded. “Growth is great for our community and Clarington is well positioned for a prosperous future.”