Clark Roofing

Quality roofing for over 40 years

Clark Roofing has been a recognized member of the roofing industry for over 40 years. Established in 1964, the Saskatchewan-based professional roofing company offers services in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. It began as strictly a flat roofing contractor, developing a reputation for quality and expertise. Throughout the years, the company has branched off into various divisions to cover a wide range of roofing needs. This family owned and operated company is now a respected and established member of the construction industry and one of Saskatchewan’s most successful roofing companies. From new buildings to retro-fits (re-roofing), Clark Roofing works collaboratively with key players in the industry including architectural consultants, membrane manufacturers’ technical teams and construction contractors to ensure they supply and install only the highest quality product.

Company divisions: roofing systems

The conventional flat roofing department is the company’s oldest division. There are a wide range of flat roofing systems available for installation including Modified Bitumen Roof Membrane Systems (SBS), Ethylene Propylene Dienne Monomer Roof Membrane Systems (EPDM), Thermo Fusible Single Ply Roof Membrane Systems, and Built up Roof Membrane Systems (BUR). In terms of sustainability, the typical longevity on any flat roof is 20 to 25 years. Director of Operations, Tyler Pochynuk, notes that each of these specialized flat roofing systems has a particular market segment.

An SBS roof, for example, is commonly utilized by healthcare facilities, schools and churches, consisting of an exposed membrane with a granular cap sheet that can be assembled by hot bitumen, heat applied, cold adhesive or mechanically fastened. The option of having the roof cold applied is appealing if the building is an older type and you do not want to risk having the heat on the building, making this option popular with the aforementioned institutions. Upon expansion from flat roofs, Clark Roofing opened up divisions in steep slope roofing systems, architectural metal and profiled metal wall claddings. This expansion into broad-based roofing services is part of the company’s commitment to always being able to offer clients the perfect solution to their roofing needs. Comments Pochynuk, “We simply want to the install the best product for our client.”

Company culture and community involvement

Clark Roofing maintains a firm belief in new technology and innovation of service. New employees are constantly being trained with new products coming into the industry. The company places a high value on human resources and has many field workers who have been with them for 30 to 35 years—as well as many young employees. Says Pochynuk, “The experienced staff is passing the experience they have onto the young field personnel.”  In the same collaborative spirit that has served them well for so many years, the company also works a lot with the design community. The goal is to educate them in the final product that is being turned over to the owner.

“We want to ensure that clients always get the right product for that specific building,” says Pochynuk. Clark Roofing also puts emphasis on its community involvement and is proud to be a part of Habitat for Humanity. Clark Roofing offers its roofing services to Habitat for Humanity for the construction of homes for the less fortunate. The company proudly contributes to a variety of community causes every year, such as READ Saskatoon, a free literacy service to adults in Saskatchewan.

Current projects and growth projections

Some of the current, ongoing projects consist of work at the University of Saskatchewan on the Western College of Veterinarian Medicine, which has just entered the fourth phase of a one million dollar development. The company has also just completed work for the City of Saskatoon Fire Hall No. 8 and a Saskatchewan crop insurance building in Melville, both of which were LEED projects. Sustainability is of the utmost importance to the company and is an integral part of a commitment to innovation.

As they have been very successful, Clark Roofing has plans for future expansion. There are intentions to expand into different regions during the next phase of development. The company is expanding their offices during the next six months. This will allow the company to hire more project managers and estimators in efforts to grow the business and expand into other areas. They will also expand their shop to feature a lot more automated equipment. The fundamental philosophy of Clark Roofing throughout all its endeavors is the desire to install the best product for their clients. A continued commitment to roofing expertise means clients feel confident they have made the best choices for their roofing needs.