CLC: Supreme Court ruling on Uber underscores workers’ rights

OTTAWA, June 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — By ruling today that Uber drivers have a right to reasonable dispute resolution, the Supreme Court of Canada has defended the workers’ rights.
“This decision underscores the message that a worker is a worker,” said Canadian Labour Congress President, Hassan Yussuff. “This ruling sends a clear message to employers that they can’t skirt around workers’ rights by using legalese to pretend they are ‘independent operators’ instead of employees.”The Supreme Court ruling reaffirms a ruling by the Ontario Court of Appeal that Uber drivers are subject to the Ontario Employment Standards Act. With this ruling, a class-action suit against Uber can proceed.“There is an imbalance of power in organizations like Uber, with precarious workers fighting for better job conditions against a behemoth enterprise hiding behind complex international legal loopholes,” said Yussuff. “Given this ruling, provincial governments have a responsibility to examine the misclassification of employees and protect all gig economy workers.”Canada’s unions have been raising the alarm about the rise of the gig economy and precarious work for years and will continue to fight for workers in these jobs.To arrange an interview, please contact:CLC Media Relations
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