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Clean Water Works

Bringing high standards to sewer technology

Clean Water Works is an industrious company that specializes in sewer rehabilitation, pipe lining, and maintenance.

Based in Ottawa, the company was founded in 2005, and is still relatively new to the market. But in such a short time, it has been able to carve out its respective niche in the market, with a goal to surpass the industry standard. Though new to the industry, the company is led by knowledgeable and experienced personnel, namely President and Owner John Brule.

That experienced staff—many of Canada’s leading sewer rehabilitation specialists—lead Clean Water Works’ specialization as a growing, diverse company.

Today, Clean Water Works services a variety of industries, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional, always providing the best of performance and cost-effective solutions to its valued and budding customer base. The mission of Clean Water Works is embraced by all, with the objective to improve the performance and sustain the longevity of sewer infrastructures at a significantly less cost and disruption through the installation of trenchless (cured-in-place pipe) technologies.

Trenchless technology

According to the company’s website, cured-in-place pipe trenchless technology is the core specialty of Clean Water Works. Interruptions like traffic congestion, delays, rerouting, and the high cost of excavation in proximity to gas and cable utilities makes trenchless technology, as opposed to conventional methods of dig and replace, the preferred and most fiscally appealing solution.

Living by its motto “the way is clear”, Clean Water Works offers the best of integrated sewer solutions through its “unwavering objective to examine, adopt, and employ advanced, tested, and trusted trenchless technologies designed to improve the performance and sustain the longevity of sewer infrastructures” across Canada.

Trenchless technology is defined as “subsurface construction works where fewer trenches or no continuous trenches are required to be dug.” A fast-growing sector of the construction and civil engineering industry, the new and unique method known as trenchless technology incorporates materials and equipment capable for installation of new or replaced rehabilitation of existing infrastructure. Trenchless technology means minimal disruption of day-to-day operations.

More specifically, cured-in-place pipe trenchless technology is “the rehabilitation of an existing water main using a woven polyester tube that is injected with liquid resin, hardened through heat application. Once the resin has cured, it becomes a structural component which lines the internal dimensions of an existing sewer pipe, taking the form of the pipe’s interior and shape. Cured-in-place trenchless technology is composed of two concentric tubular plain sleeves, with its inner sleeve coated with polyurethane, while both sleeves also consist of woven polyester as well”, according to the company’s website.

Trenchless rehabilitation, additionally, is noted as “construction methods such as slip-lining, thermoformed pipe, pipe bursting, shotcrete, gunite, cured-in-place pipe, grout-in-place pipe, and mechanical spot report or replacement of existing buried pipes and structures without, or with minimal, excavation.”

Clients across all sectors

The clientele of Clean Water Works spans across several sectors, offering solutions that are developed and implemented sustainably for any plumbing or sewer rehabilitation problem. Clean Water Works sets the highest of standards, settling for nothing short of excellence, consistency, and effectiveness in all factors of its business.

Municipally, Clean Water Works provides its integrated sewer rehabilitation services to areas throughout central and eastern Canada, working alongside the engineering and public work departments of these respective municipalities. Services in these markets typically range from lining to sewer services. Industrially, Clean Water Works partners alongside plants and factories throughout the central and eastern Canada region, through consultation. Commercially, services range from lining, sewer, and plumbing and drain services, providing these fully integrated services to real estate development firms, general contractors, property management organizations, utilities, telecommunications, dining, construction (involved in road development, highway construction, reconstruction, etc.), according to the company’s website.

Additionally, operations within the residential sector involve plumber services throughout the Ottawa Valley. Integrated plumbing services include installations, renovations, repairs, maintenance, drain cleaning and flushing (unblocking drains), tree root removal, including high pressure water jet root blasting, frozen pipe thawing, septic tank pumping, no-dig drain rehabilitation, drain lining, drain replacement (sewer and waterline), drain inspection and locating, drain camera inspection, dye-testing investigation, and sewer drain pipe locating, according to the Clean Water Works website.

Clean Water Works is affiliated with several key players in its sector, and among that impressive group is the National Capital Heavy Construction Association (NCHCA). The NCHCA serves as the voice of road builders, aggregate producers and the sewer and water main construction industries in Ottawa. The association strives to live by its core objectives to maintain the highest standards of construction and business methods and to promote better understanding between the public, owners, engineers, and contractors.

With such strong ties in the market, and with a core commitment to providing excellence across all sectors of operations, the future is promising for this growing sewer specialist.