Clear Capital Leading The Way In Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Capabilities

RENO, NV–(Marketwired – November 21, 2017) – Clear Capital is transforming the real estate valuations and analytics industry by bringing the theoretical to reality. The organization shares how it’s executing on leading AI and machine learning technology coupled with a growing talent team that is revolutionizing how customers interact with its solutions and services.

The established industry innovator is ramping up its progressive machine learning and AI efforts in order to develop more efficient and more accurate valuation, risk and workflow tools.

“We have spent more than 15 years gathering, organizing and optimizing one of the most complete and organized collection of property data. This increased focus on AI and machine learning is a natural next step in advancing the solutions that our customers deserve,” commented Clear Capital President and Co-Founder Kevin Marshall. “We also recognize that the best way to drive innovation for our partners is working with the best people.”

Clear Capital hired Nick Kolegraff as its Director of Machine Learning and AI to lead efforts that focus on efficiency and simplifying the lives of customers through products and processes. Nick’s background is predominantly focused on machine learning across real time massive scale data systems.

Kolegraff is focused on delivering enhanced product experiences for Clear Capital customers that will provide them with the ability to access current AI and machine learning functionality. Key areas Kolegraff is tackling include:

  • Decision automation – automating tasks and decision for customers that deliver unrivaled efficiencies.
  • Quality – development of new checks and balances on information that is scalable and that continually improves trust.
  • Efficiency – enables customers to do more with less and ultimately reduce daily operational burdens.

“My fascination with numbers began early in my life when I discovered that a computer could be programmed to solve complex problems,” shared Kolegraff. “Understanding how AI and machine learning can work together to give people a life of unimagined possibilities rather than a life less evolved has been a major motivating factor in joining Clear Capital’s growing team of future-thinking leaders.”

Kolegraff holds a double major in Computer Science and Statistics. Prior to joining Clear Capital, Kolegraff worked with Rackspace in several senior positions, as well as Accenture’s Principal Scientist.

Clear Capital’s technology group, which also includes AI, machine learning and data science , is slated to grow by an additional 50 percent in 2018. This growth will support the organization’s continued advancement of reimagined products and solutions.

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About Clear Capital

Clear Capital ( is the premium provider of data and solutions for residential and commercial real estate asset valuation and collateral risk assessment for large financial services companies. Their products include appraisals, broker price opinions, property condition inspections, value reconciliations, quality assurance services, home data indices and platform solutions. Clear Capital’s combination of progressive technology, high caliber in-house staff and a well-trained network of more than 40,000 field experts sets a new standard for accurate, up-to-date and well documented valuation data and assessments. The company’s customers include the largest U.S. banks, investment firms and other financial organizations.

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