Clever Digital Marketing: Toronto’s Full-Force Marketing Agency

Toronto, Canada, May 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clever Digital Marketing, co-founded by Daniel Rahmon and based in Toronto, Canada, specializes in Facebook and Google AdWords campaigns that lead to stronger brands, the retention of new clients, and increases in revenue. Their strategies are so effective that since 2020 alone, they have generated $8.9 million in sales through Google, Facebook, and Instagram as well as 22,000 leads for their clients. By focusing on a well-rounded, holistic approach to their clients’ marketing strategies, Clever Digital Marketing ensures that all bases are covered and that all clients have the tools necessary to succeed. By being committed to their clients’ success, Clever Digital Marketing ensures that their clients’ customer base grows rapidly and across different industries.

“One of the most important aspects of our business is our new customer onboarding series,” explains Daniel Rahmon. He continues to express that “before considering any new business that would like to incorporate a marketing system with us, we carefully analyze the industry and competitive landscape and deeply understand the client’s goal for their campaign.” Rahmon continues on to say that “building out a timeline for the client, carefully documenting the comprehensive marketing plan, and setting expectations are some of the factors that I believe have contributed to the great retention of our clients and have definitely helped set us apart from our competitors.”

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With six years of experience in paid advertising, Clever Digital Marketing knows before the marketing campaign is implemented how to ensure it will be successful. That ability has led to profitable campaigns for some of the biggest names in retail, ecommerce, and service based businesses. By utilizing such a multifaceted approach, Clever Digital Marketing ensures that their clients’ marketing systems focus on understanding their direct client avatar and creating an omni presence for the brands that work with Clever Digital Marketing. Daniel Rahmon says, “Here at CDM, we collaborate with our clients, respond quickly to inquiries, and provide excellent strategizing solutions. Most importantly, we are good listeners and take the time to understand our clients’ needs and visions.”

Clever Digital Marketing knows exactly how to lower the cost of Facebook’s digital ads by implementing extensive testing that finds and targets every client’s ideal audience, resulting in a higher number of leads and purchases for the client’s business than they had experienced on their own. Clever Digital Marketing’s strategies also target audiences who are highly interested in the client’s products and services as well as those who might be in the future, a strategy that maximizes the company’s customer acquisition, retention, and revenue on an ongoing basis. Clever Digital Marketing has mastered the art of the retargeting segment in their system, ensuring that no lead or sale is lost after the initial interaction with the client’s brand. “We don’t think of our clients as a standard customer service provider relationship; instead, we treat every one of our clients like partners and ensure the highest level of satisfaction and transparency through every interaction” says Daniel Rahmon.

Daniel Rahmon from Clever Digital Marketing is offering a complimentary marketing audit to interested business owners: he will compare your digital presence to your competitors’, understand your goals for the business, and be able to make direct suggestions about how a digital marketing strategy can be integrated into your business. 

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Clever Digital Marketing
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