Colliers Canada launches customized Return to the Office Program to help businesses safely reopen their workplaces

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, May 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As companies navigate a return to a post-pandemic office space while ensuring the health and safety of their employees, Colliers Canada has launched a customized Return to The Office Program to help guide businesses through the reopening process. Using the expertise of its advisory team across the country, Colliers provides tailored solutions that build trust and confidence and get workforces back to their offices safely.
Colliers developed the program after extensive research and consultation with clients around the world. The program uses a customized approach to address behavioural best practices, communication and wayfinding, recommendations by space, hygiene and cleaning, visitor management, guidance on remote work, and cost estimates for any needed updates. It begins with a virtual review of the client’s office environment, followed by the development of a comprehensive guide tailored to each space and business operation. Recently, Colliers used the program to successfully open its Winnipeg office, with the Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Vancouver offices planned to reopen in the coming weeks.“Employers need to make sure that the workplace is safe and functional, and that the return-to-work process provides comfort to and builds trust with employees,” says Robyn Baxter, Vice President of Workplace Strategy and Innovation at Colliers Canada. “It’s a matter of understanding best practices and examining how they can be tailored for each workspace. Every market – and every business – is different and deciding who will return, how, when and even with whom are complex decisions. Developing an experience where employees feel safe while still maximizing productivity should be the goal, and we know that a customized solution is the best approach when taking these critical first steps.”The Colliers Canada Return to the Office Program is detailed and reviews all options available to optimize the employee experience and ensure safety, including whether to install plastic panel barriers around reception, rotate workstations so that people aren’t facing each other, and implement one-way travel lanes without significantly reconfiguring the layout.“The safety of our employees is at the forefront of every decision we make, and the ultimate test of that is in how we manage our return to the office,” says Dan Chubey, Managing Director of Colliers Winnipeg, who reopened the office following the guidance of the program. “We knew the concerns of our employees – and their expectations of a safe and welcoming environment – and we worked with our advisory team to develop a solution customized to our office’s needs to make sure that people can feel comfortable returning to work. We’re adapting to the changes, and so far we’ve received great feedback from employees about the new workspace.”The Return to the Office Program is Colliers’ latest initiative to equip clients with the information and resources they need to safely resume office operations. Following the release of last month’s Rent Relief Survey Report, Colliers will continue to release monthly reports analyzing how COVID-19 is impacting tenants, landlords and the commercial real estate market, to help stakeholders navigate uncertainties as the pandemic continues to affect businesses across Canada.“Over the past two months providing our clients with return-to-work services and facilitating discussions between landlords and tenants, we know that transparent and timely communication is the key to success during the pandemic,” says David Bowden, Vice Chairman and Head of Strategy & Consulting Group at Colliers Canada. “Whether it’s an employer-employee relationship or a landlord-tenant relationship, it is imperative that everyone feel comfortable in their work environment, and that they speak out if they experience situations that make them feel unsafe or unsupported.”For more industry insights related to COVID-19, visit Colliers’ COVID-19 website.About Colliers International
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