Connect Hearing

Sound advice you can trust

With over 30 years of proven expertise in hearing solutions, Connect Hearing has harnessed the power of a national organization and marries it with close relationships to clients and community. For Connect Hearing, 2009 was a year of great transition with the company becoming a national company with Canada’s first single brand from coast to coast.

Connect Hearing’s mission is that no Canadian experiencing hearing loss ever feel isolated or alone. The largest professional network of Registered Audiologists and professional Hearing Instrument Practitioners in the country has grown from its beginnings in Victoria, B.C. (where it was known as Island Hearing) to expanding its reach to rural and urban cities from B.C. to Nova Scotia. Once a family-owned company, Connect Hearing is now part of the Sonova family, a world leader in hearing health innovation.

Connect Hearing offers comprehensive hearing tests and assessments from Hearing Professionals who will find the right hearing aid for the right need. Once a hearing test has been undertaken at Connect Hearing, the client is able to trial a pair of customized hearing aids for two free weeks, which best gives the client the understanding of how dramatically improved hearing aid performances have become.

Going national

When asked about how going national and joining the Sonova family have benefitted Connect Hearing, Craig Cameron, CEO of Connect Hearing, said “The big thing for us is, first of all, a national training program. It also gives us the benefit of a single brand identity, and the largest network of hearing professionals in Canada making this a very strong place to work. Being part of that largest group of hearing professionals gives them an opportunity to engage with and learn from one another.”

Barry Ringstand, Vice-President of Operations, added, “We have great access to products to training facilities equipment, opportunities to talk to our colleagues globally both from a professional and a marketing level, with financial and business support. We always have a sounding board to talk to them.”

With a combination of 125 audiologists and Hearing Instrument Practitioners, and 130 clinics in Canada, Connect Hearing is the one-stop-shop for consistent, reliable treatment.

Connect Hearing’s national network across Canada means if clients travel or move they have opportunities go to another Connect Hearing and receive the same products and level of services they have come to expect.

“We stand behind our product long term, offering warranty, repair and free batteries,” said Ringstad. “We are able to provide in-house financing and right now we are working on a two-week free trial, which gives opportunities for customers to come in and try hearing aids and experience how they can improve their hearing with our hearing aids in a risk-free environment. We feel right now as Connect Hearing we are taking these values to the next level.”

“A key benefit with being with Connect Hearing is we are a true national company, no matter what part of the country they are in they can get service, access our consulting group and that has proved extremely popular with our customers,” adds Cameron.

Superb customer support

The backbone to the success of Connect Hearing is the ongoing support for customers. “There is an adjustment period people will go through because many people have lost hearing over time” said Ringstad. “There is a really close relationship between the consultant and the customer in terms of advice and helping them continue to keep their hearing aid working optimally so they benefit the most they can, that is really critical.

Building on the momentum of the last few years, Connect Hearing is now seeking expansion opportunities through acquisition and increased new clinic openings.

“We are now an exclusive partner with the Canadian Legion which is fantastic,” said Cameron, “and we are just about to launch a partnership with the CAA across Canada.

Members of these groups will be offered discounts from Connect Hearing and additional bonuses. “It’s a value-add through service above and beyond what we do normally,” continued Cameron.

Best Workplace Award

In addition to good place to its customers, Connect Hearing has been recognized as one of the best workplaces in Canada by the Great Place to Work Institute for the past two years.

“We are thrilled to be recognized in the top tier of employers in Canada,” said Cameron. “It is the staff that makes this such an amazing organization. Their passion and dedication for hearing health can be felt within every one of our hearing clinics across Canada, and they are ultimately the key to our success.

“I believe we are a great place to work, and it is a credit to our team. It’s not a head office driven thing, we just have a great team across the country that makes Connect Hearing a great place to be.”

Communication and community are the pillars of Connect Hearing. Now a national company, Connect Hearing will continue to expand and deliver exceptional and consistent hearing care to those who need it.

“We don’t focus on hearing loss, we focus on how to improve hearing loss. We want to empower you to make the best decisions possible regarding your hearing needs. Our Connect Hearing professionals provide you with clear, concise and accurate information about how your hearing works, how to identify problems with your hearing and the positive steps you can take to ensure you achieve the best results possible.”