Consumers should be permitted to order wine for delivery to their home from any Canadian winery, says poll

TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – December 05, 2017) – Nearly all Canadians (87%) believe that consumers should be permitted to order wine for delivery to their home from any Canadian winery located in any province, according to a Gandalf Group poll commissioned by the Canadian Vintners Association (CVA).

“The results reflect what we have heard from Canadians across the country. As a national association fighting interprovincial trade barriers for over a decade, we have long heard Canadians demand more reasonable access to home-grown wine,” said Dan Paszkowski, President and CEO of the CVA.

On December 6 and 7, the Supreme Court of Canada will begin hearing the Gérard Comeau case. The CVA is an intervenor in the Comeau case, and sees this case as the best chance for tearing down barriers to trade and allowing direct-to-consumer shipping of Canadian wines. “This is essential. Opening the direct-to-consumer channel will provide greater choice for the consumer, support the growth of the Canadian wine industry, create jobs and stimulate economic growth. It will increase sales for every winery in Canada and bring our industry into the 21st century,” said Paszkowski.

Among the other results of the poll:

  • 88% of Canadians believe that Canada’s agricultural and wine industries will benefit if there are more ways in which local wine can be purchased;
  • 85% of Canadians believe that consumers will benefit if there are more convenient ways to purchase Canadian wine;
  • 83% of Canadians believe the wine industry in Canada will have the potential to grow and be a more robust source of employment;
  • 81% of Canadians believe the Canadian wine industry contributes to the economic vitality of agriculture in rural areas;
  • 76% of Canadians believe the Canadian wine industry enriches Canada’s cultural life; and
  • 74% believe Canadian wine can compete internationally.

British Columbia, Manitoba and Nova Scotia are the only jurisdictions in Canada which have permitted inter-provincial wine delivery.

“This means that only 19% of Canadians can legally order and have award-winning Canadian wines delivered to their out-of-province home. These are wines that are not readily available in liquor retail stores in their home province. Not only does this restrict consumer choice, it restricts wineries from accessing loyal customers, which can be a great source of revenue for small, medium and large grape wineries operating in six provinces,” added Paszkowski.

Earlier this year, the CVA released their nationwide economic study of the grape and wine industry which revealed that overall, Canada’s wine industry generates over $9 billion in economic activity for the nation (50% derived from the blended wine industry), pays over $1.7 billion in federal, provincial, local taxes and liquor board markups ($1.2 billion from the blended wine industry), while providing well over 37,000 jobs and more than $1.7 billion in wages annually (of which the blended wine industry contributes 15,000 jobs and $768 million in wages).

About the Canadian Vintners Association

Canadian Vintners Association (CVA) is the national voice of wine in Canada, created in 1967 as the Canadian Wine Institute and renamed in 2000 to better reflect the growth of this dynamic industry. CVA represents large, medium and small wineries across Canada. CVA member wineries are responsible for over 90% of all wine produced in Canada.

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Methodology: This survey was completed online November 22-28, 2017 by a representative sample of n=1008 Canadians. Full poll results can be accessed at:

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