Convey-All Industries

North America's Premier Conveyor System Manufacturer

Convey-All Industries is Canada’s leading custom manufacturer of conveyor systems. Based in Whistler, Manitoba, Convey-All produces conveyors for the transport of everything from live chickens to hockey sticks. Through an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and an innovative approach to solving client needs, Convey-All has proven itself to be a true contender in the global conveyor manufacturing industry.


In 1983, farming and welding industry veteran Bob Toews established Commercial Welding, a custom agricultural equipment manufacturer, in Winkler, Manitoba. The 2000 square foot facility aimed to provide a variety of innovative solutions for agricultural professionals.

By 1985, Commercial Welding success and extensive growth compelled Toews to expand both his facilities and his product offering. He rebranded his company as Convey-All Industries, and focused production more heavily on the manufacturing of conveyor systems. By 1994, Convey-All had increased its number of products tenfold, with items including pontoons, combine platforms, seed tenders, and even a line of outdoor wood furnaces. The company was the first Canadian manufacturer to produce agricultural tube conveyors.

In the early 2000s, Convey-All acquired NuSteel Industries, a Winkler-based steel building and engineering firm. The acquisition allowed Toews to further increase the product offerings of both companies.

Convey-All entered the oil and gas industry in 2006 when an oil field services provider contracted the company to design and manufacture a custom conveyor system. Within six months, Convey-All had produced the first SandKing prototype. The company continued to receive similar sector opportunities, creating the first SandKing to comply with all European standards in 2011. By 2012, Convey-All had established its position as a manufacturing specialist for the fracking industry.

Today, Convey-All Industries employs over 175 workers, operates 11 buildings spanning across four Winkler-area properties, and exports custom conveyor products to locations across North America, Russia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Turkey, South Africa, and Mexico. Toews acts as company President and CEO.

Satisfaction, Inside and Out

In June 2013, Steven Froese joined Convey-All Industries as Business Development Manager. He realized that, although the oil and gas industry could provide significant profits, its cyclical nature caused it to be an unreliable source of revenue.

Froese brought a key mandate to his position: to ensure the agricultural portion of the business remained the Convey-All’s core focus. Although oil and gas manufacturing would remain an integral part of Convey-All’s operations, Froese sought to anchor the company’s future growth firmly within the agricultural sector.

“The oil and gas industry is highly profitable when it’s going strong, but it can crumble easily. By focusing on our agricultural business, we keep all of our operations running smoothly,” Froese explains in a June 2014 CBJ interview.

A major part of Convey-All’s success stems from the company’s focus on customer satisfaction. Froese and his team try to pre-emptively act on both customer-specific and market-wide needs in order to provide the very best product and service.

“When we build a product, we don’t stand behind it. We stand beside it – we’re proud of our work. We know we’ve done everything we can to take care of our customers,” says Froese.

Internal operations are equally important at Convey-All Industries. The company ensures every employee is respected, happy, and safe at all times. Ownership and Human Resources regularly visit the different buildings and departments to ensure everyone is satisfied in the workplace.

Convey-All organizes employee recognition and appreciation events throughout the year. It sponsors and invites all staff to holiday lunches, amusement outings, and barbeques. These social events allow every employee to meet and chat with their management team, and contribute ideas in a relaxed setting.

“The first time I attended one of our company events, I was shocked!” Froese explains, “I’ve never been in a business that’s provided employees with this level of support and appreciation before.”

The Future of Convey-All Industries

Convey-All is currently undertaking several manufacturing and marketing initiatives as part of its plans for future growth. Froese intends for these projects to increase the company’s international market share while continuing to raise sales.

“In Western Canada and Ontario, we’re very well established and well-known. We have a great reputation as the country’s premier conveyor manufacturer,” explains Froese, “In the U.S; we’ve had a more limited focus on seed sites (specialty seeds which require further care and handling). We’ve done very well here. Now we’re trying to gain more brand recognition in the U.S. and increase the number of retailers in our system.”

In 2013, Froese oversaw the signing on of Convey-All products with one major U.S. distributer. He is currently in discussion to bring on several others.

“We want customers to recognize our brand, visit their local retailer, and ask for Convey-All products. Brand recognition is everything. The more customers entering a store asking for Convey-All, the more retailers will carry our products on-site,” Froese adds.

Through a continued focus on providing innovative conveyor solutions and meeting the needs of customers both within Canada and internationally, Convey-All plans to eventually expand throughout the globe. Once the brand is well-established across North America, it intends to intensify marketing efforts abroad.