COVID-19 pandemic in Canada benefits China’s business interests, says AHMADZAI of Taleam Systems

OTTAWA, Aug. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — According to Meladul Haq Ahmadzai CEO of Taleam Systems, the global Coronavirus campaign only benefits China’s business interests to this day. While most businesses remain closed in Canada, factories in China are still operating to produce masks and ventilators.
Ahmadzai says, “Businesses in China are very happy, and they benefit from the global pandemic as long as it continues.” He further adds, “At a time when medical clinics and hospitals exhausted their COVID-19 supplies, China businesses did not cooperate with Canada in due time.”A few factories from China contacted Taleam Systems to sell their stock, but Ahmadzai did not sign a deal with them.Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic in Canada started in March, but the medical supplies seemed to be only available to medical professionals. Ahmadzai says, “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t prepare Canadians for the Coronavirus pandemic as the economy was shutdown too early and limited PPE supplies.”Today, reports confirm that the Canadian government made a bad decision to shutdown businesses without paying attention to the supply needs. The latest report by CBC news can be viewed here on PPE shortages.Meanwhile, small businesses are struggling as Canadians only spend on essential needs such as food. Ahmadzai signals that Canada’s economy is in a recession and that Stats Canada’s data shows the economy only grew by 4.5 percent in May mainly due to the food chain operation.Taleam Systems is a technology business based in Ottawa, Canada. The business provides computer support and products to hospitals and small businesses since 2011. To learn more about Taleam Systems visit the website www.taleamsystems.comMedia contact:Meladul Haq Ahmadzai
CEO, Taleam Systems
Phone: 613-521-9229 

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