Canada Revenue Agency Back Online

CBJ — The Canada Revenue Agency says its online services are now available after being taken offline due to a number of cyberattacks over the past two weeks.

The CRA online site allows Canadians to apply for financial assistance for such programs as the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

CERB was originally introduced because the Employment Insurance system was not technically capable of handling the large influx of applicants. The government now says many technological updates have been made to the online EI system and officials are confident it can now stand the additional load as people transition with CERB coming to an end. It’s expected about 4 million people will be part of the transition to EI or the new recovery benefit — those who remain out of work due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The cyberattacks led to hackers accessing usernames and passwords to thousands of Canadians, compromising personal information.

For those wondering if their account was compromised, there is a simple way to find out: if you can access your account, then you are fine. Those who were hacked will find that their accounts are still suspended until reparations can be made to ensure safe access moving forward.