Crackmaster Distributors Limited

“If They Can’t Fix It … Nobody Can”

“In 1994 Crackmaster Distributors Ltd. had a unique technology behind its franchise offering. This technology allowed our franchisees to repair long windshield cracks, and we were the only ones at that time offering such technology. With this success we started adding auto glass replacement service. We are probably considered the fastest growing windshield repair franchise in Canada at the present. The company continues to grow and, adding up all franchisees’ consumer retail sales, the company currently has revenue of about $33 million.”

Crackmaster Distributors Ltd. is one of Canada’s fastest growing Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Franchises in Canada. Crackmaster started with one employee in 1994, operating out of a 400 square foot bay in St. Albert, Alta. Today, the company operates out of 5,800 square foot headquarters which incorporates a corporate office and training department, while continuously grows its number of dealerships as well as services and product offerings.

Today, Crackmaster offers a vast selection of services in the automotive industry, but also continues to expand into new service areas. The company currently offers five franchise opportunities—Crackmaster, Chipmaster, Detailmaster/Micro Paint Interior Repair System, Scorpion Bonded Truck Bed Protection and Pro Concept Coatings. Crackmaster focuses on windshield repairs and replacement. Chipmaster repairs car exterior surfaces, chips, scratches and minor rust damage, giving vehicles that “new” look. To further the company’s automotive focus, it also offers Detailmaster/Micro Paint Interior Repair Systems. Scorpion Bonded Truck Bed Protection offers clients the ultimate four seasons, all conditions truck bed protection. To expand the surfacing segment the company partnered with PPG Industries, a worldwide leader in the coating industry, and launched Pro Concept Coatings, offering a line of surface coatings from smooth to rugged in a variety of colours for residential and commercial surfacing.

Even with this impressive service lineup, the company does not sit on its hands when it comes to innovation. While already offering five business opportunities, Crackmaster continues to seek out new technologies and opportunities for its current and potential franchisees. The company is ready to launch a new segment — Scorpion Window Film, and is in the process of launching a new Canadian distributorship for this brand. Besides this new product the company continues the research into new technologies available on the market. “There is an old saying, ‘You don’t get off the winning horse in the middle of the race,’ so we are always looking for new opportunities that will make Crackmaster’s product line unique,” states President and CEO Ivan Mayer. “We plan to continue our expansion in the form of offerings like our new Scorpion Window Film — a product that has a market and we know there is a need for it. In this case, we see this product’s multiple applications, such as automotive and residential window tint. We are also currently looking into a new product out of California — a windshield chip protection coating that reduces the number of chips on the windshield. We are currently researching this product and we continue to look into new products as well.”

The idea behind Crackmaster business opportunity offerings is to give the existing franchisees more than one business opportunity, giving them the ability to offer more services and expand their customer base. Most of the Crackmaster offerings complement one another, creating unique add-on opportunities for franchisees who already offer the Crackmaster or the Chipmaster services.

“The whole idea is to bundle services offered by Crackmaster, because four out of five of our franchises – our Scorpion Window Film has not been officially launched just yet – service the automotive industry, and most of our franchisees are doing just that. In theory our franchisees can choose to get all four of these and have a full automotive one-stop-shop.”

“While the car manufacturers are taking over the mechanical and maintenance segments of the automotive industry, we found our niche in these cosmetic automotive maintenance services. People take pride in their vehicles and one way they can maintain the value of their vehicles is to maintain the exterior and the interior appearance. All of our services cater to this area.

“For all our programs we either have exclusive rights for Canada or there is uniqueness to the franchise, making it a viable entity and business opportunity. We sell our franchises across the automotive industry. Besides entrepreneurs, Crackmaster is a great additional service choice for car dealerships, body-shops and carwashes, and we provide franchisees with thorough counselling and business guidance.”

Awards and Accolades

“Because of our high level of service, we have won the Consumers Choice Award in the auto glass replacement industry in Edmonton for 10 straight years. We have won the Top Choice Award for auto glass two years in a row, and we have won the award for Top Business and Best Business to Business in St. Albert, Alberta.”

Besides the award-winning service, the company also plays its role in the community. The company sponsors the Small Business Week Program in St. Albert, various charities and local events such as Rock’n August, the festival of cars and music in the City of St. Albert. The company is also a member of the National Glass Association, National Windshield Repair Association, and Better Business Bureau.

With some 160 franchisees across Canada, and with the lowest price offering in the automotive franchise industry, the company provides franchisees with all the necessary training, equipment as well as material and initial inventory to launch their business. Crackmaster Distributors Ltd. continues to seek out new unique products to supplement franchisees’ business, broaden their client base and help them succeed.