Creating Social Profitability Platforms for Not-for-Profit Organizations

CBJ — Event fundraising and marketing companies, CauseForce and The Collective, have announced their partnership via a new Social Profitability platform, powered by a 14-year history of collaborative business exchange. The two partners are resolved to generate social good, raise brand profiles, drive new revenues and grow return to charity for new and existing charitable clients. CauseForce and The Collective will offer a customer-centered experience to evolve brands through a full delivery of concept to execution, based on a not-for-profit’s needs.

“We are excited about this collaboration after 14 years of working with The Collective on fundraising platforms that have generated nearly $1 billion in giving. Through Social Profitability, we are working together to advance the efforts of not-for-profit organizations as they look to generate profits in every sense of the word, to meet and surpass their community and fund-raising objectives and create new revenue opportunities. We recognize our shared desire to make a difference and be socially minded, to support our current and future clients, to inspire the community and extended donors, to raise funds and build awareness of their important causes,” said Alex Baxter, President and CEO of CauseForce, LLC.

CauseForce is an industry leader in producing active lifestyle events for not-for-profit organizations across the globe. Since 2002, CauseForce, has produced over 165 events and raised over $800 million for beneficiaries across five countries, delivering life-changing experiences for participants and transformational dollars for cancer research, treatment and care programs worldwide.

The Collective, a strategically driven communications and media agency, is known for creating deep and meaningful relationships with businesses, organizations and brands. Using vision, The Collective realizes strategies in new ways. Thinking, making and telling stories with expressive visuals, followed by the ability to discover a company’s unique voice and have it heard by the right people, through the right medium, to ensure appropriate actions are executed. To do so, The Collective’s media division, INTENT, collaborates with involved parties to activate and amplify the reach and assets at their disposal, to achieve unprecedented outcomes.

“We are honoured to advance our business connection with CauseForce and combine our efforts to offer an unparalleled level of industry knowledge. Through our strategic partnership, we will identify opportunities for re-invention and development, by investing our passion in remarkable not-for-profits, with bold dreams that can become reality through our collaboration.  We will evolve brands to create what does not already exist, to generate new revenue lines and help to strengthen their overall connection to their customer,” said David Abrams, President of The Collective.

Through the new partnership, organizations are offered strategically tailored expertise and full execution with stakeholder engagement, experiential planning, concept development, event production, program execution, brand definition, creative & design, marketing, detailed budgeting, media activation, media relations, participant recruitment, activation and donation management. The new Social Profitability platform enables CauseForce and The Collective to become one whole, working in concert with clients to rapidly develop new revenue concepts for their brands and programs.


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CauseForce, LLC. 

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