Cymax Furniture

“Canada’s Online Source for Home and Office Furnishings”

The widespread acceptance of internet shopping has contributed to rapid industry growth in the online furniture sales market over the past decade. Canadians are gravitating towards the online space to search for and purchase furniture. Lower product prices, the ability to conveniently compare products and increased transaction security are factors that have contributed to the rise in industry sales.

Many bricks-and-mortar furniture retailers with online operations have a vast network of retail outlets, which they typically use as a warehouse facility to dispatch online orders. Meanwhile, the “pure-play” operators are enjoying great success as they tend to manage out of an office with an adjoining warehouse to store the large amount of furniture they distribute across the country.

Cymax furniture is a company that works exclusively in a single product industry when it comes to the online furniture space.  Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Cymax focuses on home and office furniture.  The company has grown considerably to be the largest online furniture retailer in Canada and third largest in the United States. With reported sales exceeding $100 million to date, Cymax has reached high ranks in the e-tail world.

Founded in 2004 by CEO Arash Fasihi, Cymax started out with primarily selling television stands and entertainment furniture. Inspired by his wife when looking to purchase a television stand not available in Canada, they found a stand sold by a company in the US but wouldn’t ship to Canada. Instead, they had to go through the distributor to purchase it. That’s with the light bulb turned on for Arash Fasihi to start a website and make this product available in Canada.

The business launched its first website in 2004, specializing in TV stands. “Our business started to grow from then as we expanded the product line and the partenrships that we have with the vendors we continue to work with today” says Fasihi.

The company eventually grew to sell products on 115 niche websites and eventually began to consolidate products onto fewer websites. “We’re constantly upgrading our systems, procedures and marketing strategies to compete and further our investment and revenue’ says Fasihi. Today, Cymax operates fewer than three microsites and focuses on selling home and office furniture through their flagship website,

The Cymax team consists of 120 members that consistently collaborate together to adapt to the constant changes in the industry. “We work towards meeting our goals with the priorities of the company and corporate initiatives in mind. We track everything, as our team is very analytical and knows our business well’ says Fasihi.

The Cymax Guarantee

Responding to consumer trends, in 2014 Cymax launched initiatives for an improved experience for mobile and tablet users. They realize that their customers are both tech-savvy and pressed for time. Improving navigation, speed and connectivity ensures that their customers can access the information they want and make a purchase anywhere at any time. Cymax has created a simple shopping solution. Their proprietary e-commerce technology allows customers to see thousands of options for their home quickly and easily.

Cymax strives for definitive customer satisfaction. They are passionate about creating an optimal experience for their customers. “Each customer is an invaluable ingredient to our success” says Fasihi. “We offer a fully-trained team of Customer Service professionals to aid you with your purchase and strive to ensure that your order is met with your satisfaction.”

Cymax stands behind the quality of their products. With over 75,000 furniture SKUs available, there is bound to be a perfect fit at Cymax for every taste and budget. They carry only brand-new merchandise from the top-rated furniture brands in the world. All of the brands that they sell offer a manufacturer’s warranty.

Cymax strives to provide an online shopping experience that is both easy to use and risk-free and have become the most trusted destination on the web for discount furniture and home décor items. Their mission is to provide their customers with an excellent selection of furniture at competitive prices.  “The target is to surpass over $170 million for 2015. “We are expanding our office and will be adding 60 more people to our team. We will also add a further 185,000 SKU’s of product so by the end of 2016, Cymax will carry 250,000 products in the home furnishing category” says Fasihi.

What started as a small niche website that specialized in audio video furniture has grown into an internationally recognized brand. Cymax has built a solid reputation in their commitment to their customers that has only strengthened over the years and continues to create more happy customers in the process.