Czinger Vehicles expands dealer network to Canada by teaming with Pfaff Automotive Partners in Toronto and Vancouver

LOS ANGELES, April 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Czinger Vehicles is pleased to announce that it is expanding its fast-growing global dealer network to Canada by aligning with Pfaff Automotive Partners, with locations in Toronto and Vancouver. The synergy between the automotive brand and the luxury dealership group comes as buyer interest in Czinger’s revolutionary 21C continues to soar.

Czinger joins a strong lineup at Pfaff that already includes some of the most sought-after brands in the exotic-automobile world. What drew Pfaff to the 21C was not just its performance or aesthetics, but Czinger’s unique focus on innovation and technology. The car, built in Los Angeles, represents a radical transformation of the manufacturing sector and the future of human-AI design and sustainable systems. The high-tech focus was enough for Pfaff to jump at the chance to partner with Czinger.

“The Czinger 21C’s confluence of exclusivity and high technology make it the perfect vehicle for our most elite clients. We think they’ll be excited by the opportunity to get involved with a new brand at the ‘ground floor,’” said Pfaff President and CEO Chris Pfaff. “The 21C’s world-beating acceleration, top speed, and lap times are bolstered by a unique engineering story and a one-of-a-kind startup culture that could only come from California.  Whether they are looking for a high-tech art object to be driven on special occasions, or the ultimate track car, we think our customers will be thrilled by the 21C. As a company, we are excited about Czinger’s depth of engineering ability, the uniqueness of its technology, and the confidence and credibility provided by its management team.”

Czinger is also pleased with the partnership. “We identified Pfaff as an excellent fit because of their reputation as a leading source for exotic cars and because they have a passionate customer base who will embrace our pillars of performance, design and innovation. Expanding our footprint into Canada is the right move as we introduce Czinger to the world and establish it as the next great automotive brand,” said Kevin Czinger, Founder and CEO of Czinger Vehicles.

The first Czinger 21Cs will be delivered in 2023. Production of this model is limited to 80 cars, but it will be the first in a diverse and exciting lineup of high-performance automobiles, all of which will benefit from the newly formed alliance between Czinger and Pfaff.

About Pfaff Automotive Partners
Pfaff Automotive Partners, a leading Canadian automotive retailer, was founded in 1964. Its brand offering includes Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, McLaren, Singer Vehicle Design, Pagani, Harley-Davidson, Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, and Automobili Pininfarina automobiles and motorcycles. It has a 50-plus-year racing history across many forms of motorsport. The company also operates Pfaff Tuning, Pfaff Leasing, and Pfaff Autoworks. For more information, please visit

About Czinger Vehicles
Established in 2019 by Founder and CEO Kevin Czinger, Los Angeles based Czinger Vehicles is an industry-disrupting performance vehicles brand pioneering a new era in the automotive space by fundamentally changing the way cars will be designed and manufactured for generations to come. Built around a core ethos of utilizing revolutionary, proprietary technology to create vehicles equipped with both dominating performance and iconic design, Czinger’s first production car, the 21C, represents a radical transformation of the manufacturing sector and the future of human-AI design within an environmentally sustainable system. For more information, go to

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