DealerAI Introduces Proactive AI Chatbot for Car Dealerships

TORONTO, July 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DealerAI, the pioneer in digital conversation technology, introduces their comprehensive, proactive AI chat solution for the automotive industry that caters to dealerships and consumers.

Consumer behaviour has transformed since the COVID-19 pandemic—about 95 percent of vehicle shoppers source information through digital channels. As a result, businesses are shifting their digital assistance from a reactive to a proactive approach for complete customer service. DealerAI’s visionary innovation gives a personal touch to the user’s buying journey, making relevant information and promotions available when customers browse for vehicles, motivating them to engage and positively impression the dealership.   

“For dealerships looking to deliver a premium online customer experience and increase conversation engagement, DealerAI presents a sophisticated, proactive chat support service. Including prompt customers assistance on incentive promotions, vehicle inventory and other frequently asked questions. The 100% transparency of chats also allows dealerships better to understand potential car buyers before their scheduled appointments.” said Raymond Tsang, CTO of DealerAI. “Artificial intelligence is the future of growth. It unlocks the full potential and efficiency of businesses’ digital world.”    

The DealerAI omnichannel capability enables businesses to integrate the chat from the web to SMS, Facebook Messenger, and Google Assistant. As a result, they meet customers where they are and present consistent communications to enhance customer retention further. 

DealerAI chatbot operates 24/7, and in multiple languages, maximizing customer experience as a customer traverses for car dealerships digitally. Improved customer experience empowers buyers to freely explore vehicles knowledge through the DealerAI chatbot, resulting in enormous data volume for the car dealership. This kind of data is effective in market research.

About DealerAI

DealerAI is an AI-powered chatbot designed for car dealerships. This conversational platform enables dealers to engage with customers seamlessly through various digital channels, leading to continuous growth opportunities for moving your dealership forward. For more information about DealerAI, please visit us at 

For inquiries, please contact: 

Lily Tsang
Account Executive
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