DealerAI Launches Automated Live Chat for Auto Dealerships

TORONTO, Canada, April 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DealerAI, a North American provider of technology-enabled solutions for the automotive industry, today announced a fully automated AI-powered chatbot explicitly built to enhance car dealerships’ digital customer assistance.

The DealerAI chatbot, tailor-made for car dealerships and other automotive businesses, enables fast, real-time customer support allowing dealers and auto groups to better engage with and service current and prospective customers. 

Though most car sales still happen in-person at dealerships, the industry has changed since the COVID-19 pandemic, evolving car buyers’ expectations and habits. Today, most consumers are beginning their vehicle search online and have become accustomed to quick, high-quality service thanks to their interactions with large, digital-first companies. As a result, the number of car sales happening entirely online is also rising, with some reports indicating that nearly 30% of new car sales in 2020 took place online, a jump from just 2% before the pandemic began.

“The past few years have been difficult for many industries, including auto dealers. Just as the pandemic brought on challenges such as microchips, labour and parts shortages, shopper expectations around customer service and the digital experience continued to rise,” said Bryan Xu, the Co-founder of DealerAI. “We created the DealerAI chatbot specifically to help dealers meet these challenges head-on to better service customers in the present while preparing for the future.”

Key benefits of the DealerAI chatbot include:
●   24/7 customer service: Allows dealers to instantly respond to customer inquiries at any time of day, including off-hours, weekends and holidays, ensuring to capture all potential leads.  
●   Scalable savings: Unlike traditional live chat services, the DealerAI chatbot does not require human staff to function. The BDC and sales team can focus on activities that produce a higher return on investment. 
●   Close more deals with data: A self-served system encourages users to explore and interact more. High engaging conversations collect car buyers’ preferences; dealership teams can prepare better and use the right sales approach.  
●   Personalized brand experiences: DealerAI can be customized to match a dealer’s branding, ensuring a consistent experience for customers. Its proprietary AI engine and deep learning technology also improve long-term to assure customer satisfaction. 
●   Dependably excellent service: Besides the website, DealerAI can also integrate with many popular services, including Facebook Messenger and SMS. Its multi-lingual ability increased a diverse customer base for dealers. 

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DealerAI is an AI-powered chatbot designed for car dealerships. This conversational platform enables dealers to engage with customers seamlessly through various digital channels, leading to continuous growth opportunities for moving your dealership forward. For more information about DealerAI, please visit us at

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