December 10

Time really does fly. The year is coming to a close and we’re reflecting on issues we’ve covered in 2010 and the hundreds of interviews we’ve had with Canada’s best and brightest. As 2011 approaches, the New Year brings us a fresh start and the opportunity to look at new strategies for success. In our December issue, we look back at the year’s top stories in our news section and focus on critical changes facing the Canadian economy and our flourishing business landscape going into the New Year.

Experts and analysts can continue to debate what shape the economy will take in 2011, but we’re sure it will bring to the forefront an abundance of topics affecting Canadian businesses. These include foreign investment (we look at why the Investment Act needs a revamp in our cover story this month), managing intellectual property, energy, small business success, and corporate leadership on a global platform.

Speaking of leadership, the deadline for nominations for the first annual CBJ Company of the Year Award has now passed, but just as we predicted, there are some leading Canadian heavy hitters who have entered the competition as well as some very innovative new names—stay tuned to http://www.canadianbusinessjournal. ca/cbj_award for updates.

We can’t wait to bring you the best in Canadian business news and content in 2011. In keeping with CBJ tradition, we’ll publish our January issue on December 23rd, so you can kick back over the holidays and prepare for what should be an exciting year in business. To our loyal readers—may your spirits be higher than the price of gold!

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