December Issue of The Canadian Business Journal Now Available

CBJ December 2015

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – The December issue of The Canadian Business Journal is available at Click here to enter the publication directly. Click “Full Screen” on the navigation pane for optimal viewing.

Our cover story takes a look at how the world is transitioning from a cashless society into one where monetary exchanges are now being made via debit cards, but the next move will be using smartphones as the primary vehicle. Denmark is prepared to go all-cashless as of January. How long will it be before Canada follows suit? There are a number of benefits and disadvantages, which you can read about, but make no mistake – it is coming. It’s just a matter of when.

This edition includes an in-depth article from financial expert Tina Tehranchian on the new retirement savings landscape in Ontario as well as a report on WHMIS 2015 and whether it will be a big deal for small businesses. Joe Connelly tells us when it’s okay not to have a business strategy and Mark Borkowski provides his opinion on how Canadians deserve better investment of private capital in privately owned ventures and the need for more government action.

Plan Group Inc. is recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative technical services providers in the areas of electrical, mechanical and Information, Communications and Automation Technologies (ICAT). We speak with their executives about the company’s recent projects and what’s to come in the future. There is also an indepth feature on the City of Winnipeg and much more in this edition.

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(Marketwired – Nov. 30, 2015)