Deel Officially Launches in Canada; Now Offers Payroll in Canadian Currency

TORONTO, Jan. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Deel, the global payroll and compliance platform for international teams, today announced its official Canadian launch, now offering payroll in Canadian currency. Using Deel, Canadian companies can quickly and compliantly hire teams in over 150 countries. Canadian employees can also easily be paid in Canadian dollars by over one thousand global companies that use the platform. No longer limited by a comparably small talent pool, Canadian businesses can tap into the worldwide talent pool with confidence that local legal compliance and proper payroll currency considerations have been made.
Deel is a champion of remote work, accelerating remote and global workforce capabilities by removing geographical limitations and allowing companies access to an international talent pool. Deel’s platform helps businesses hire anyone anywhere, either as an independent contractor or full-time employee. Deel currently supports over one-thousand companies in more than 150 countries, automating everything in one easy-to-use dashboard, all while ensuring proper compliance with local laws. The Canadian dollar is the latest addition to the 120 currency options Deel offers.“I’m proud that through Deel, Canadian companies will be better equipped to hire internationally and that Canadian workers can ignore the confines of national borders while advancing their careers,” said Alex Bouaziz, Co-Founder and CEO of Deel. “After 2 years in operation, with 1,500 global companies on our platform, our early adopter clients (fintechs, eSports companies and cloud-based SaaS firms) have been able to reap the benefits of a global talent pool. This is just the beginning, as everyday we continue to welcome other industries to Deel.”Deel currently supports over 150 Canadian clients, including big names in tech such as Castr, Bench, and Alegra, making up 11% of its total client base. This Canadian currency launch will streamline payroll for global businesses. Previously companies had to input U.S. dollars and convert them to Canadian dollars to pay Canadian employees on Deel. This move removes the complex logistics and time consuming process of onboarding and paying workers across borders by automating payroll.“I don’t know what I would do without Deel,” said Govinda Sunil, CEO of Canadian-based SaaS broadcasting platform, Castr. Castr has been a Deel client for over two years. “Deel handles the local compliance and payroll needed in order for us to employ people around the world without issue, and it simplifies the payroll processes for our Canadian talent.”Deel’s platform provides legally vetted and compliant contracts and templates for tax forms and localized contracts. The platform also allows companies to automate payments, invoicing, and receipts, and provides customer support. By bringing together localized compliance and payroll and automating it, Deel empowers businesses to hire and retain qualified employees without worrying about geographical barriers or complicated foreign hiring processes. No longer limited by a comparably small talent pool, Canadian businesses can tap into global expertise while accessing simplified payroll processes for national talent.ABOUT DEEL
Deel is a global payroll platform for international teams that enables companies to hire anyone, anywhere, while complying with local laws, easing complicated tax systems and international payroll. In just a few clicks, any company can hire with Deel in over 150 countries and complete payroll in more than 120 currencies, including Canadian dollars. Deel has partnered with over 200 labour law and accounting experts to create localized contract templates to legally onboard international employees in minutes. Founded by Alex Bouaziz (CEO) and Shuo Wang (CRO) in 2019, the company has a remote team of 60 people based in 25+ countries worldwide. Find Deel online:
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