Voters Still Fractured at DNC


CBJ — While it’s true there was no shortage of bumps and potholes in the road during the U.S. Republican Convention in Cleveland last week, the Democrats showed last night they are loaded with their own set of dysfunctional problems as the Democratic National Convention got underway in Philadelphia.

U.S. comedian Sarah Silverman spearheaded the discord when she addressed a noticeably fractured DNC during a call for party unity.

Previously a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders throughout his campaign, Silverman sought to impress on the crowd the impact Sanders’ had made on the Democratic Party, but called for supporters to rally behind the party’s presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton.  But the move was definitely not well received by ardent supporters of Sanders, who erupted in boos and jeers.

As competing chants of Bernie and Hillary echoed loudly through the auditorium, an increasingly annoyed and flustered Silverman said: “To the ‘Bernie or Bust’ people, you’re being ridiculous.”  But that aggressive statement only incensed Sanders’ supporters even more.

Most observers seem to feel that Michelle Obama had the best speech of the night. It certainly was the most emotional.  When Sanders spoke he did endorse Clinton for president and pleaded with his supporters to follow suit, although many still seemed anything but convinced that was in their best interests.The goal now will be to obtain that full party unity behind Clinton, which until now, has been noticeably lacking.


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