Derm-Biome Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Reports Positive Results from a Preclinical Study In Atopic Dermatitis

Derm-Biome Pharmaceuticals, Inc

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Derm-Biome Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a private Vancouver based start-up biopharmaceutical company focused on skin health and healthy ageing, is pleased to announce that one of its topical drugs produced significant, and dose dependent inhibitory effects in a well established mouse model of atopic dermatitis (AD). AD (eczema) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease often linked to depression and a decreased quality of life. The global AD treatment market is set to witness healthy growth, with forecasts ranging up to USD $18.3 billion by 2027.
Derm-Biome CEO Gordon Eberwein: “We are very excited about the results of this trial. There is still a significant unmet need in the treatment of atopic dermatitis, especially in pediatric atopic dermatitis, where AD effects 15% to 20% of children. We see a huge opportunity for a drug that is natural product based, well tolerated, and potent when applied topically, not only as a treatment for chronic inflammatory skin diseases, but to potentially prevent their development through early intervention”.The compound inhibits pro-inflammatory cytokine production and targets multiple pathways active and potentially key to the treatment of AD and its various phenotypes. It up-regulates anti-inflammatory mediators including interferons and other inflammatory cytokines, and enhances expression of proteins key to maintaining an effective skin barrier, the lack of which in skin is strongly linked to the development of AD. The compound also promotes microbiome diversity by inhibiting the growth of certain Staphylococcus species, bacteria that colonize the skin of those effected by AD.Derm-Biome CSO Dr. Poul Sorensen: “Inflammation is a major contributor to physical health problems and chronic diseases such as atopic dermatitis. We’re very excited over the prospects for our natural compounds and their wide ranging anti-inflammatory properties”.The results of a Skin Tolerability and Pharmacokinetics Study in swine showed that the compound was well tolerated. A Canadian Clinical Trial Application (CTA) will be submitted by the middle of 2020, with an Investigational New Drug application to follow. A provisional patent application has been filed.About Derm-Biome Pharmaceuticals, IncDerm-Biome Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a private preclinical biopharmaceutical company with over 40 natural compound derivatives, salts, and co-crystals dedicated to improving skin health and healthy ageing. Our compounds are well tolerated and exhibit novel anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, antimicrobial, and antitumor properties.Contact
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