DHL Express Canada

Seamless service worldwide

No matter where you are in the world, if you are familiar with any aspect of the logistics industry—air, land or sea—you have heard of DHL. That’s because DHL is an interna­tional brand with both service and expertise in absolutely every facet of logistics. With 160,000 employees and networks in more than 220 countries and territories, DHL is able to leverage the breadth of experience and skills available to benefit the end-user. Ready with over 60,000 vehicles and 250 aircrafts, DHL is capable of serving more than 120,000 destinations.

It’s all about convenience to reduce the total supply chain and maximize productivity. For DHL, there’s no reason why all logistics needs can’t be met under one roof. So, the company offers four service pillars: DHL Express, DHL Global Forward­ing, DHL Freight and DHL Solutions. By offering the complete package, DHL is in the position to develop technologies and customize solutions to fit every client’s needs.

Landing in Canada

DHL Global was founded in San Francisco by three entrepreneurs, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hill­blom and Robert Lynn. That was 40 years ago. Back In 1969, DHL began by personally shipping papers by airplane from San Francisco to Hono­lulu. As years passed, the company’s network grew larger, as they reached out to new custom­ers around the world.

As for Canada, DHL Express arrived here over 30 years ago. This division is a world market leader in air-express services, covering all pack­ages, express and general cargo services—both domestic and international.

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario—minutes away from Toronto’s international airport—DHL Express was the first international express provider to operate in the country. Today, the Canadian network encompasses all major points of entry, including a major warehousing and distribution centre in Toronto and one of the most extensive ocean and brokerage networks in the industry. With over 3,500 employees, 46 offices, six major ground hubs, and eight gate­ways across the country, it’s no surprise that DHL Express is able to deliver more than 8 million shipments a year.

For DHL, express means express. The company delivers to every postal code in Canada with its Time Definite Domestic (TDD) suite of services. Shipment times are guaranteed and can arrive by 9:00am, noon or 6:00pm on the next business day. DHL Express also offers time-sensitive shipping on an international scale. For any major business centre in the United States, for example, DHL’s Time Definite International (TDI) services can deliver a shipment by 10:30am the next business day, guaranteed.


Because DHL Express is all about convenience, it makes sense that the company relies on the internet for more efficient ways to transfer and access information. To help streamline the ship­ping process, DHL Express offers advanced ship­ping technology support tools, including e-billing and e-returns.
Interestingly, DHL Express isn’t bound to software and web-based solutions. It includes industry-leading technology in its hubs and an information technology infrastructure, so clients get customized and integrated e-Solutions for solving challenges unique to their industry.

EasyShip 2.0, for instance, is a system with features like self-invoicing, automatic address­ing, email reporting, networking, consolidation and multiple account setup with user support and upgrades available online. And with DHL’s Electronic Data interchange (EDI), companies can lower costs by eliminating the paper trail that comes with the shipment of packages. The EDI system provides faster and easier shipment processing, while improving overall accuracy. DHL Express can receive electronic manifests and payment advice downloads and is capable of electronically transmitting status reports and freight invoices directly.

Leading the industry

Already the market leader in logistics, DHL Ex­press desires to be a leader in sustainability. DHL Express Canada recently launched its GOGREEN service, providing carbon-neutral shipping that gives Canadian businesses the opportunity to offset the carbon emitted in shipping their goods internationally. The service is available from anywhere in Canada. In 2008 alone, DHL’s GO­GREEN service offset 16,200 tonnes of CO2—the equivalent of planting 90,000 trees.
DHL provides carbon-neutral shipment by calculating carbon emissions to the nearest gram.The company then offsets these emissions by reinvesting in certified carbon management programs, such as reforestation and alternative energy projects. Monitored and verified by Société Général de Surveillance SA (SGS), an independent certification organization, the carbon-offset credits are issued directly to the companies that use GOGREEN via a certificate.

The GOGREEN initiative is the first of many environmentally conscious programs DHL com­pany is planning to introduce. As part of its ongo­ing commitment to climate protection and envi­ronmental sustainability, DHL Express Canada has recently undergone an extensive re-routing exercise in an effort to maximize fuel efficiency for the entire DHL fleet of vehicles in Canada. Additionally, the company is working with envi­ronmental protection organizations to further its ecological investments in Canadian foresting and land-protection projects.

DHL continues to set the bar in logistics. Never complacent, DHL has become a brand ac­knowledged for personal commitment, proactive solutions and local strength. CB