Diamond White Smile: The Academy That’s Changed Thousands of Lives One Smile at a Time

Toronto, Ontario , Oct. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Everyone wants a perfect smile — for some that may require braces, or whitening strips, or even veneers. Anas Essa knew this when he entered dental hygiene school, but seeing how much people truly value their teeth was what drove him to start Diamond White Smile. To make your smile as bright as a diamond is the name of their game —  the concept of teeth whitening was one that not only appealed to Anas but also one that became his passion. Seeing the joy that Diamond White Smile brought through its services drove him to continue his work — offering in-office teeth whitening treatments, mobile options where they can come to you, teeth whitening training, tooth gem training, and now take-home teeth whitening kits. Supplying over 200 dental offices in Canada with their product allows Diamond White Smile to make an impression even if they’re not there; and that only improved, as they sold over 5000 teeth-whitening kits worldwide in just 30 days. Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you — Anas knows this, and wanted to start a business that helped people feel confident about their smile and themselves. 
That joy doesn’t just come from their teeth whitening services — their training services offer opportunities for trainees, and gives them back control over their professional circumstances. The Diamond White Smile Academy offers teeth-whitening and tooth gem training — with 1-on-1 courses that are offered in-office, and now online. Diamond White Smile takes pride in the 1-on-1 training because they take the time to ensure all trainees go at their own pace and feel comfortable enough to ask questions. Diamond White Smile’s goal is to ensure all their students create businesses that allow them flexibility in their lives, and that starts with creating a space for them to comfortably and safely evolve. It’s not just about learning how to fulfill a service — the Academy teaches trainees how to successfully run a business so that they can change their lives, and take ownership of their professional trajectory.

Their courses are for everyone, and training happens worldwide — with students in Canada, the U.S., Australia, and around the world. With their online courses, learning isn’t compromised. Diamond White Smile sends its students its product and machines and teaches courses via Zoom or Facetime — taking the 1-on-1 training from in-person to virtual. They still want to make sure their students get their undivided attention — that hasn’t changed despite our need for social distancing — and with the goal of franchising the company to take their training courses to even more locations worldwide, the opportunities are endless.
All of this is ever more impressive when you see that there is barely any marketing budget for Diamond White Smile — all marketing is on social media, and that has worked in their favour. Their teeth whitening product and services speaks for itself, and the results bring people back and create loyalty for Diamond White Smile. Posting daily, with clients and students also posting in support, their engagement increases with every passing day. The power of this form of marketing shouldn’t be overlooked — 72% of customers look for the visual content of a product before making a purchase, and about 80% of customers follow at least one business account. That’s a lot of people — the opportunities to gain more customers and more students increase with every new Instagram account that’s created, and with every like, comment, and share.  
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