Digital Audio Newcomer, AudioVelocity, Posts Meteoric Growth

TORONTO, April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After a mere 6 months of operation, AudioVelocity has established itself as a dominant force in the Digital Audio Advertising arena. AudioVelocity is now currently serving 8 million unique monthly listeners, representing an approximate reach of 30% of consumers in English Canada, and promises further growth.

AudioVelocity is operated by Canadian Broadcast Sales (CBS). Its massive digital audio coverage reflects the curation of the streaming and podcasting assets of leading Canadian broadcasters including Pattison Media, Rogers Communications, Corus Entertainment, Canadian Broadcast Corporation, to name a few. Additionally, CBS is looking forward to introducing Quebec’s market leader, Cogeco Media, to the portfolio as a way of offering unparalleled digital audio access to Francophone listeners.

Achieving this critical mass has enabled AudioVelocity to stretch beyond sheer reach, to bring an array of sophisticated targeting options ranging across attitudinal, behavioral, regional, and demographic qualifiers. Current examples of this capability include targeting auto intenders and tech forwards to postal code-based constituencies.

As well, pixel-based attribution capabilities now allow for comprehensive tracking of the consumer journey, from ad- exposure, through to site or store visit, and on to the ultimate purchase.

“AudioVelocity’s growth has been exponential. With that comes more ways for our advertisers to exploit audio advertising value through significant reach, sophisticated targeting, and attribution-based accountability”, says Gerry MacKrell, President at Canadian Broadcast Sales (CBS). “From Banks to Bakeries, we are thrilled to see a broad range of advertisers and categories take advantage of this powerful business-building tool”.

“The reach that we have been able to achieve with the arrival of AudioVelocity has proven to be vital to our Digital Audio evolution. We now have a greater ability to help our clients target more qualified customers and their consumer journeys. This platform uniquely combines the trusted voice of local radio with data infused insights of the digital realm to offer a powerful growth tool to local and regional businesses – the cornerstone of our economy”, states Rod Schween, President of Pattison Media Ltd. “Our relationship with CBS and this product use and development, has changed the way we do business”.

About Canadian Broadcast Sales
CBS clients include Corus Entertainment Inc., Pattison Media, Rogers Sports & Media, Cogeco Media, Coast Broadcasting, Blackburn Media, Vista Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Byrnes Communications, Elmer Hildebrandt, Golden West Broadcasting, Leclerc Communications, Maritime Broadcasting, Missinipi Broadcasting, Native Communications Inc., Northern Native Broadcasting, Quinte Broadcasting, R.B. Communications, RNC Media, Radio Beausejour Inc., Rawlco Radio, Starboard Communications, Stirling Communications, Radioplayer Canada.

About Pattison Media Ltd.

Headquartered in Kamloops, B.C., Pattison Media, is the country’s largest, private, western-based media company. Spanning BC to Manitoba, their operations currently encompass 45 FM and 3 AM radio stations, 3 television stations, 18 online news portals and a strategic partnership/partial ownership in digital & creative agency, Lift Interactive, in Edmonton, AB and Everything Podcasts in Vancouver, BC. Please visit for more information.

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Canadian Broadcast Sales
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