Digital Mental Health Startup headversity Launches Workplace Resilience Program

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CALGARY, Alberta, Dec. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — headversity, a digital mental health startup based out of Calgary, AB, has launched a Workplace Training program that builds and measures resiliency. PBA Land & Development was the first to partner with headversity in a pilot program, which kicked off on December 18th in Calgary. headversity will be piloting the program to three additional organizations in the new year before wider industry rollout.

The evidence-based program is led by Dr. Ryan Todd, a clinical psychiatrist at Foothills Hospital, and Dr. Karen MacNeill, a Performance Psychologist and the lead Mental Performance Consultant for the Canadian Olympic Team. headversity’s program addresses the full spectrum of mental health and performance in the workplace and is a blended (on-site and online) solution.

Dr. MacNeill, headversity’s Chief Product Officer, points to the comprehensive coverage of mental health, including performance, as a key distinction in the training program. “Businesses are beginning to understand that the entire spectrum of performance is affected by one’s capacity for resilience. Training resilience will help keep people healthy, yes, but it will also enable them to deliver stronger results even in the most difficult work environments. In the Workplace Wellness industry, there’s no one covering this full spectrum, so we’re excited to introduce headversity to the Canadian market.”

Dr. Todd, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, spoke about the excitement to partner with PBA in the company’s pilot. “We are delighted with PBA and its progressive leadership that decided to partner with us for our pilot. We look forward to introducing our product to the Canadian market in the new year and building resiliency in the Canadian Workplace.”

headversity is a training program that helps companies develop a more resilient workplace. headversity will help your company grow the resilience needed to execute, take on challenges & stay mentally well.

To learn more about enrolling your company in headversity’s resilience training program, please call Steven at 647-391-1585 or email

Contact: Steven Gramlich, Chief Marketing Officer of headversity

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