Diners have their say in restaurant experience with launch of first ‘Smart Dine-In’ mobile function

TORONTO, Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As patio season comes to an end, Canadian diners are wondering how they can safely dine inside during winter and retain a semblance of the social interaction they enjoyed pre-pandemic. Smart Dine-In — a new hybrid function for restaurants from foodservice POS innovator, Taliup Express — introduces a new experience for a safety conscious dining public that wants its contactless technology, with a healthy side order of human interaction.

Smart Dine-In is for restaurants across Canada that are open for dine-in service and looking for a way to seamlessly merge contactless technology with traditional table service for an optimized customer experience. It allows diners to conveniently switch between either, or to use both, at a sitting.

“This is the future of dine-in service,” says Adam Mouyal, CEO, Taliup Express. “The dining public now has options – to go contactless, go with a server, or go with both. For restaurant merchants that face a 35-45 per cent drop in dine-in business, coupled with staff shortages and a growing need for contactless technology, our new function delivers the best of all worlds.”

A new approach to customer service
Smart Dine-In’s hybrid function addresses the sensitivities of both diners and restaurants as it emerges as the optimal table service alternative to a pre-pandemic dine-in experience. Whether it’s having a physical server or a server in the palm of one’s hand via QR code technology and a mobile device, Smart Dine-In is designed to give restaurant guests the best of social experiences in a safe environment.

“Some diners want the personal touch in their restaurant experience, and our function allows for that,” continues Mr. Mouyal. “Contactless dining is a learning experience for everyone, and Smart Dine-In makes this new normal easier for customers to acclimate, and food establishments to operate and manage.”

As restaurants continue to face staffing shortages, Smart Dine-In helps alleviate this stress and pressure with its smart approach to table service tools.

“The goal is not to eliminate this job market, but to create an environment for staff in which they can continue doing their job safely and efficiently, while also giving their customers more control over their dining experience. Customer autonomy is key to customer engagement.”

Smart Dine-In enables food establishments to:

  • Turn tables faster
  • Improve order accuracy
  • Offset staffing shortages by going all-contactless; customers place their orders and pay their bills autonomously
  • Use available staff to upsell, pitch specials and create a better social experience for guests
  • Elevate customer engagement
  • Streamline business operations

How it works
For restaurants:

  • Restaurant waitstaff have access through a tablet to the Taliup Express dine-in dashboard
  • A map of the restaurant’s tables is visible and waitstaff can see which tables are populated, how many people are at each table, and everyone’s order and payment status
  • Waitstaff can greet a table, explain how the system works, and even take an order from the table if the customers prefer/choose the traditional route. Once a customer has paid for their order, the server’s screen will indicate the table has paid and the server can close the table. This transaction will be logged on the merchant’s dashboard under ‘past orders’

For diners:

  • Customers can access the menu, place orders, and pay, all by simply scanning the QR code placed on their table
  • Diners now have the choice to order directly from their server or through the online menu
  • If they choose to order from the server and realize they want to order something else, or another table guest arrives, diners simply use their mobile device to order directly. The table’s order updates immediately and is visible to the server, bar, kitchen, and customer
  • At the end of the meal, customers may also pay the bill through their mobile device without having to wait for their server

About Taliup Payment Solutions and Taliup Express
Taliup Payment Solutions (“Taliup”) is a Canadian payments technology company focused on cost-effective payment software for Canadian SMEs. It manages Taliup Express™, a new zero commission contactless dine-in/in-store and pick-up ordering system built to solve the current and post-pandemic challenges of individual and chain-owned small and medium-sized foodservice and hospitality businesses. The online ordering system helps restaurants, hotels and other retailers accelerate their growth potential by being able to receive unlimited direct orders from their own website and mobile app.

As the modern evolution in business payments, Taliup’s ultimate POS solutions allow dine-in customers to order, pay and tip from their mobile device. Taliup also enables the food & beverage and hospitality industry to manage orders and menus in real-time. Visit www.taliupexpress.com and connect on FacebookLinkedInTwitter, and Instagram.

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