Diva, makers of the DivaCup support launch of “Breonna Taylor Room” with new partnership and $55,000 donation

Toronto, ON, Feb. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — After launching several successful partnerships, Diva International Inc. (Diva), makers of the DivaCup, announce their partnership with No More Secrets via DivaCares, Diva’s social impact program. The partnership supports No More Secrets’ new drop-in center, within which the ‘Breonna Taylor Room’ will provide a safe resting place for busy families.  DivaCares will be contributing $5000 to No More Secret’s initiative, along with product donation, totaling a value over $55,000 USD. This financial and product backing goes toward aiding the organization in continuing their important community-focused work in Philadelphia. Being the only physical location of its kind, the room will act as a hub for menstruators and their families to come relax and receive assistance. 
“We love that we are partnering with Diva because they genuinely care about our populations” said No More Secrets founder Lynette Medley. “Diva was different in their approach to assisting us in addressing period care in vulnerable communities. They understood that one product doesn’t fit all and valued the importance of allowing persons a choice in their Menstrual care regardless of their race or socioeconomic status. No more secrets MBS Inc. values this partnership with Diva because it not only supports our efforts but also uplifts and amplifies the authentic voices and experiences of our communities.”  
No More Secrets was launched in 2012 by sexual awareness educator and counselor, Lynette Medley. The organization seeks to provide a safe space spite to vulnerable communities. In the nine years since its launch, the organization has provided educational resources and workshops to help with wellness and well-being. Lynette and her daughter Nya personally deliver over 38,000 period products a week to Black communities across Philadelphia. 
“No More Secrets is an important organization that holds the same values we hold here at Diva,” says CEO and co-founder Carinne Chambers-Saini of the partnership. “We are grateful to be working with an inspiring group of women and change-makers, who are deeply committed to ending period poverty and increasing communal resources for people across Philadelphia. 
According to a recent study conducted in the U.S., “64% of participants reported being unable to afford menstrual products in the previous year” (BioMed Central Women’s Health, 2021). Equipping the ‘Breonna Taylor Room’ with reusable menstrual product such as the DivaCup, while also providing financial support for No More Secrets will aid the organization in achieving their goal of providing a safe space to meet the needs of the people they serve.  
About No More Secrets
Established in 2012, Lynette Medley set out to create a platform to engage in crucial conversations with persons of all ages, allowing them the freedom of embracing their true selves and identities. The organization seeks to decrease silence, stigmas and secrecy by increasing self-love, self-esteem and socialization.  
About Diva International  Established in 2002, Diva’s founders, Francine Chambers and her daughter, Carinne Chambers-Saini, have become disruptors in the menstrual care industry, passionately following their dream to create a menstrual cup, a healthy and effective alternative to disposables. Their product, the DivaCup, is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and eco-friendly alternative to disposable tampons and pads, offering up to 12 hours of leak-free protection. Diva is also passionately committed to its social impact program, DivaCares. Its mission is to establish meaningful partnerships globally to address issues of accessibility, menstrual equity, and education. As Diva believes that menstruation should be a fact of life, not life-limiting, the company is passionately committed to breaking taboos surrounding menstruation worldwide. For more information, please visit divacares.com.  
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CEO and co-founder of Diva, makers of the DivaCup, Carinne Chambers-Saini is available for interview upon request. 
Founder of No More Secrets Lynnette Medley is available for interview upon request. AttachmentLynetteAmy Saunders
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