Dominion Doors and Windows Ltd.

Producing Quality

Bill Pappas represents the second generation behind this successful family business, Bill’s father came to Canada in 1970s and has been in the window business ever since, and Dominion Doors and Windows Ltd. is one of Canada’s leading manufacturers and distributors of high quality PVC (vinyl) windows and door systems. The company focuses on serving clients right across Canada and worldwide, and there is a good chance that you have seen Dominion products in houses and mainly in multi-unit, high-rise residential buildings across Canada.

Dominion manufactures and distributes a wide range of window and door products in a widest variety and style. Backed by some of the best warranties in the industry, Dominion offers bay windows, bow windows, single and double hung windows, casement and awnings windows, sliders, tilt sliders, patio doors, French doors and entrance doors.

“We were one of the first companies on the market to produce vinyl windows for high rise buildings. Many were offering vinyl windows for residential uses at that time, but we were the first to design vinyl windows for high rise and commercial buildings. We have done over 500 buildings with some very reputable companies,” says Pappas.

The durability of vinyl is uncanny and many of the windows installed by Dominion over the past 25 years are still in use. However, once the time comes to replace them, these windows can be fully recycled, and recycled repeatedly that is (vinyl scrap buy-back programs initiated by window manufacturers lead to the diversion of more than 8 million pounds of window profile waste from landfills annually).

As in any construction industry business, the market is extremely competitive. However, Dominion has built strong relationships with people in the industry by manufacturing quality products and business honesty.

“We don’t want to make the cheap product, we want to make a quality product that will satisfy our customers and clients. We pay the top dollar for our parts and materials in order to produce top quality products, and we sell our products to those who want quality. That’s our market. It’s as simple as that,” says Pappas. 

Dominion quality products meet all North American standards, easily competing with other products on the market whether they are made in North America or offshore. To assure the product quality and to remain the leader in the windows and doors construction segment, Dominion is affiliated with several different professional associations, and is involved in various local charities.

Due to the nature of the Canadian weather, energy efficiency has been paramount to property owners. “The energy requirements for construction products (including windows) continue to change and evolve, and we have to evolve our products with them. We currently produce some of the highest rated products in North America, but we have to remain vigilant to remain the leader in the market,” says Pappas.

As in any business, it’s about providing quality product and quality service. While the vinyl windows may be the prime product, the dominion difference is its people. Dominion offers customers decades of expertise in designing and building quality windows and doors, whether it is a single house windows replacement project, or a multi-unit, large-scale building with high level of customization.

Working with the builders and consulting with the engineers and architects, Dominion works closely with its clients to design and create the best product and the best solution for any one project. “We have extensive experience working directly with buildings’ owners, designers and engineers, so we can control everything from design, to fabrication and production. Thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and complete control over the production process are key to creating our quality products,” says Pappas.

The word about Dominion’s reputation has been spreading, and the company build relationships with some major players in real estate, not just providing services to builders during new construction, but also working with large property managers and REITs such as Skyline Group of Companies on reconstruction/replacement projects, as well as ParkProperty Management, Tobis Investments, and LCL Builds.

“As you can imagine, these are very large companies. We produce quality products and we have a name for being very honest in our business dealings. We were able to build relationships with these companies because of our Trust Factor. They used different companies in the past, but these relationships did not work out. We have been working with Skyline for some five years now, and we worked together on over 50 buildings,” says Pappas.

The company is currently completing three high rise buildings in downtown Toronto, and an 11 storey building in Leamington, Ont. While the company’s primary market remains in Ontario, the company supplies products across Canada, North America and even shipped around the world, working on projects with the Government of India, and the company also shipped products for projects in China, Poland, Russia, and many more.

With the solid reputation and firm footing in the industry, Pappas plans to grow the company. While the plan is to engage more potential clients through expanded marketing efforts, to Pappas, the construction industry remains a relationship business, and he plans to continue talking to people and shake their hands when it comes to business.

“This may be a little old fashioned, but for me it remains the best way of conducting honest and successful business, and it is this honesty that has brought on our current success, so I don’t see a reason to change it,” concluded Pappas.