Dr. Nathan E. Leavitt Announces Opening of West Knoxville Chiropractic

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Dec. 20, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nathan E. Leavitt, DC, recently announced the relocation of his Knoxville practice to a convenient new location in a dedicated medical building near the intersection of Kingston Pike and Weisgarber. At the same time, he noted that his practice will be known as West Knoxville Chiropractic.
The newly opened clinic offers chiropractic treatment using a full spectrum of techniques for patients who suffer from a variety of symptoms, including neck and back pain, headaches, tingling in arms or legs, carpal tunnel syndrome and sciatica. Dr. Leavitt, who founded his practice more than 12 years ago, is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He offers a multi-disciplinary approach to treating chronic pain as well as treatment for acute symptoms related to automobile accidents or sports injuries.This caring physician notes that he loves “helping people get out of pain and live a better quality of life.” The treatment he offers is completely natural, with no drugs or surgery. His clinic offers chiropractic in the clinical setting, as well as recommending exercise and stretches to perform at home. Dr. Leavitt notes that his treatment is interactive. “We discuss the needs and goals with the patient,” he says, “determining what they want, and determining the best course of care for each individual.” His patients note that “he takes time to listen,” and that he “is exceptionally talented.”As a grand opening special, West Knoxville Chiropractic offers an initial evaluation for a low fee of $47. New patients will receive a thorough examination, including consultation with Dr. Leavitt, additional diagnostic evaluation as necessary, and a personalized recommendation for treatment of existing symptoms.Developing a personalized plan takes time, notes this full-service chiropractic physician, but after examining a patient’s spine and surrounding soft tissues, the professional team works with each patient to formulate an effective and integrated treatment regimen. Included might be exercise and dietary recommendations, nutritional guidance, a variety of ancillary therapies and scheduling of ongoing office visits. The team is trained and equipped to employ various techniques, including electric muscle stimulation that relieves spasms, swelling, stiffness and pain. The goal is to achieve lasting results “in tune” with each patient’s goals to achieve wellness. However, there is absolutely no obligation for continuing care. West Knoxville Chiropractic does not subscribe to a “crack and release” policy, but rather utilizes a comprehensive approach for chiropractic evaluation and treatment.The new office boasts easy access, convenient parking, a comfortable waiting room and spacious treatment rooms. Office hours are from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; and from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on Tuesday. The practice is closed on Saturday and Sunday. Call West Knoxville Chiropractic at (865) 285-0288 for information or to schedule an appointment.
West Knoxville Chiropractic, (865) 285-0288