DTZ a UGL Company

Global leader in property services

DTZ, a UGL company, is a global leader in property services offering occupiers and investors around the world with industry leading end-to-end property solutions comprised of leasing agency and brokerage, integrated property and facilities management, capital markets, investment and asset management, valuation, building consultancy and project management. In addition, DTZ’s award winning research and consulting services provide clients with global and local market knowledge, forecasting and trend analysis to make the best long-term decisions for continuous success far into the future.

DTZ’s clients benefit from a truly unique global platform and a full service offering, delivered with exceptional quality by 47,000 employees (including contractors) through 208 offices in 52 countries extending throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas.

“The global rebranding and integration of facility management provides us with a very robust platform that includes brokerage, leasing, workplace strategy, strategic portfolio consulting, construction management, project management, lease administration, and lease auditing, so it is an end-to-end service that we offer to corporate clients,” Colin Ross, President of DTZ Canada, told The Canadian Business Journal. “This new platform is where we see our growth, where we can provide these services to ‘Corporate Canada’, throughout Canada and globally.

“DTZ’s top priority is to continue building on this strong platform by attracting top talent and setting the benchmark for corporate real estate services. With this integration, we now have a U.S. platform, which we didn’t have before. The strong growth of cross-boarder client work that we’ve experienced in the last 12 months will only increase as the U.S. operations continue to expand.”

Global Operator

The 2008 recession that shook the global economy reflected in some markets more than others, particularly in the United States. Arguably the world’s most lucrative economic market, and also representing the next major growth stream of DTZ, the U.S. industrial and real estate markets faced the daunting challenge of a darkened financial landscape. Through it all, America’s major financial hubs like New York, Chicago, and Boston experienced the worst of the downturn, but are now beginning to return, which is an added strength for the neighbouring Canadian economy.

Economic peril in the American market was certainly much more severe than was the case at DTZ’s Canadian base, where the economic effects were more akin to a bump in the road. In Canada, the booming oil and gas industry has been a significant catalyst of the nation’s financial climb, with further prosperity still on the horizon.

“Financial services, the whole oil and gas sector … There has been large growth in the service sector,” Ross summarized. “Canada has been very strong.”

Competitive Landscape

DTZ caters to the global community with a client-centric model, rather than the industry standard of a third party service. The DTZ combination of global capabilities and local presence ensures a connection to its clients through a commitment to and understanding of their local markets, wherever clients need DTZ to be. DTZ recognizes its strength in facility management and construction management, and reoccurring revenues continue to provide the company with stable business and relevant cash flow to grow its brokerage operations and continue to transform the world of property services.

Ross said, “In creating our new brand, we have retained the DTZ name acknowledging the brand equity of DTZ, an iconic brand with a legacy extending back to 1784, and capitalizing on the broad market recognition of the specialist capabilities of DTZ. By combining the DTZ name with UGL’s corporate identity, our new brand captures the endorsement of UGL’s financial strength and reflects the company’s leading expertise in integrated facilities management.

“We’re coming at it differently. The transaction component is really just one part of overall occupancy cost for a company maintaining their real estate. We identify and advise on all the components.”

DTZ is on the leading-edge of property solutions for developers, investors, and occupiers. As a broker to these groups, DTZ offers insight and analysis within each of its developed market sectors. The company’s service oriented mindset is best highlighted when it comes to leasing agency and brokerage, integrated property and facilities management, valuation, capital markets, project management and investment and asset management.

“For us, being No. 1 doesn’t mean being the largest – it means offering the best service to our clients,” Ross summarized. “We look to be the top provider, not necessarily the largest.”

Continued consolidation across the industry spells a bright horizon ahead for the company, as DTZ works to further develop its strong and cohesive internal culture that pushes the company to new heights.