Waterproofing Your Outdoor Living Space for 40 Years

Of the hundreds of thousands of Duradek customers found throughout North America, just one example is that of homeowners of a coastal residence with a fabulous Pacific Northwest island location. The beautiful natural surroundings bring serenity, but the beauty of nature also brings wind, rain and inevitable damage to outdoor structures. Over time, this home’s deck became unattractive and required replacing.

Rather than costly replacement options, the homeowners called a Duradek contractor to install a Duradek vinyl membrane over the deck surface. Additionally, Durarail powder-coated aluminum railings with glass panels between the posts were added so wind, but not the view, was obstructed. This low maintenance, non-labour intensive outdoor solution allowed the homeowners a cost-effective, long-term solution for their deck and they couldn’t be happier.

Duradek has increased the longevity and enjoyment of customers’ outdoor spaces since 1974. Celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, Duradek’s sheet vinyl waterproofing solutions have extended the livable space and added value to the home for nearly half a million customers. Any outdoor space will be exposed to the effects of Mother Nature and Duradek’s products are the greatest defense against the elements in prolonging the life cycle of various building products. The prime function of the Duradek vinyl membrane is to waterproof the space beneath, to protect the structure from rot, to eliminate maintenance and to provide a durable long lasting, skid resistant surface.

The mainstay of the Duradek business is its premier sheet vinyl pedestrian traffic membrane. Duradek products are used for permanent waterproof protection on sundecks, roof decks, balconies, patios and any area where water permeability is an issue. Duradek stands the test of time because its products are designed to be strong, stable and low maintenance. With built in UV resistance and mold inhibitors, Duradek is both a functional and beautiful solution for outdoor flooring.

“People need outdoor living space,” says Duradek President, John Ogilvie. “Not everyone has these big sprawling yards, so you tend to go up, whether that is on a deck, balcony or even a rooftop patio.” Ogilvie spoke to The Canadian Business Journal from B.C., and he knows firsthand that land is expensive. “Most of the houses on the hillside overlooking water have big decks, and some of those decks are on the rooftop. It’s very expensive land, so instead of backyards, you have your little piece of outdoors on your deck. [Duradek products] make it more like an interior living space, so it’s bright, attractive, and a place you want to spend time entertaining and living.”

Duradek has expanded its line to take care of other aspects of waterproofing over outdoor living space. TILEDEK is a roofing material over top of which tile or stone is installed. Pavers or wooden duck boards are installed over PLAZADEK and DURARAIL provides maintenance free guard rails. “We are a one-stop-shop,” says Ogilvie. A Duradek dealer can help his or her customer with almost every aspect of their outdoor space, from waterproofing, renovations, carpentry and railings.
“Our products provide waterproofing solutions,” says Ogilvie, “and add an attractive element to an outdoor space as well. The trend we are seeing in the construction industry in people’s homes is a focus on outdoor living. We align very well with that direction.”

With well over one million square feet of Duradek product installed all over North America, the company’s product has well stood the test of time. In an age of overseas manufacturing, Duradek products are made in the U.S. and the relationship with its original manufacturer goes back 40 years.

Another aspect of Duradek’s success is its marketing philosophy. Realizing that proper installation of the product is paramount to its longevity and performance, Duradek sells its products only to a select, professionally trained group of contractors (versus being available to Do-It-Yourselfers). Doing so, “adds a quality control to our products and adds a protective warranty to the consumer,” says Ogilvie, who, with this system, guarantees a proficient tradesperson will complete any Duradek project.

“Finding a small contractor whose work you can inspect can be difficult,” admits Ogilvie. “We are trying to make sure that when a consumer makes a decision to buy Duradek they know someone is backing up the contractor. We train our contractors in proper installation and troubleshooting of our products.”
Duradek provides protection for its customers, even if the contractor goes out of business. It is a warranty unique in the business, and one that allows customers complete peace of mind when working with Duradek.

“Most people in the construction business may go to the big box stores,” says Ogilvie. “We believe the best way to conduct our business is to focus on professional installation.” This strategy promotes dependably and quality for the Duradek brand. Duradek installers can answer all of your decking questions and show you the latest Duradek colours and patterns to complement any exterior design scheme and bring you the best, low maintenance deck waterproofing system available.

On this milestone year for Duradek, the company’s products can be seen at Home and Garden shows across the country, on HGTV shows and on thousands of decks across the nation. 

For more information on Duradek, please visit www.duradek.com