DWR Announces Development of One of Only Two Permitted Esker Water Reserves in Quebec

MONTREAL, Aug. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dominion Water Reserves Corp. (“DWR”), a water reserves holding company, proudly announces the development of its prominent and unique esker water reserve as part of its growth strategy. This unique 5-acre esker water reserve in the Outaouais. With an authorized annual volume of nearly 1 billion liters, this reserve of exceptional quality is now ready for bulk transport and accessible to markets. This source, one of the two authorized eskers in Quebec, contains 9.4% of the volume of Quebec abstraction authorizations, making it the second largest source in authorized volume in Quebec. This exceptional volume of source water under management ensures DWR will become the dominant player in North America in the water market.
Considering the unique quality of this esker water DWR is looking to partner with short-term specialty beverage manufacturing to quickly start operations. Along with DWR’s portfolio of spring water reserves, which is the only water source in North America containing 13% natural silicon, this source with natural properties is sought after in the specialized water market. A development plan is underway.Our mission is to acquire and manage freshwater a critical mass, in terms of capacity & geography of specialty water assets and secure a leadership role in North America’s water market while prioritizing sustainability and environmental consciousness. DWR further announces, as part of its expansion and development plans to welcome back Marie-Claude Bourgie as Interim President, with her expertise in providing executive strategic direction across natural resource markets and climate change initiatives. With previous roles such as Chief Development Officer at One Drop Foundation, her strong belief in DWR’s growth potential and playing a major role in the structure of the firm, Marie-Claude Bourgie is a welcome addition to the firm’s management as Norman Forrest and Edward Ierfino resign from their posts.
About Dominion Water Reserves Corp.DWR’s operations are based in Quebec, with its primary business being a consolidator of the water industry by acquiring fresh spring water permits and developing operations across Quebec with plans to expand across North America. DWR currently controls more than 30% of Quebec’s volume of fresh groundwater reserves currently under permit and is strategically positioned to increase its holding. DWR’s mission is to acquire, manage and develop spring water assets building a critical mass in terms of capacity and strategically securing a leadership role in North America’s fresh spring water. The corporation prioritizes sustainability and environmental consciousness. A strong governance structure is in place to ensure that the corporation carries out its business responsibly, applying the highest social and environmental standards.For further information please contactJean Gosselin
Phone: 514-707-0223
Email: [email protected]
Neither the CSE nor its Regulation Services Provider accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.SOURCE: Dominion Water Reserves Corp.

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