Eagle Professional Resources

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Eagle Professional Resources prepared the groundwork to come out of the recession better than ever.

Beginning as an IT staffing company, Eagle Professional Resources has diversified in recent years to provide its clients with top-of-the-line talent. Kevin Dee, CEO of Eagle Professional Resources, noted that mission as “fairly simple, but not always simple to deliver on.”

Eagle Professional Resources, in business for 15 years, works to supply its nationwide clients with the right resources in IT, finance accounting, and management consulting. With 10 Canadian offices spanning from Victoria to Halifax, Eagle Professional Resources also covers clients in an array of industries, including oil and gas, telecommunications, banking, and all three levels of Canadian government.

Eagle Professional Resources provides Canadian companies with access to resources on a just-in-time basis, providing flexibility in the workforce and offering talent on a project by project basis.

Diverse portfolio

Like most in business, the recession was a difficult time for Eagle Professional Resources. Yet, the company noted some key decisions as to why it was able to parlay success following this economic drought. The recession forced Eagle Professional Resources to buckle down on containing costs, positioning itself for growth upon the end of the recession.

Dee noted the portfolio diversification of Eagle Professional Resources as a key reason why the company grew following the recession. It was during this time when the company spanned from an IT staffing organization to add finance accounting and management consulting to its array of services. These operational offerings provided more for the client, and as clients came out the recession as well, Eagle Professional Resources was there to provide even more. Dee commented, “It worked well for us. We’re well diversified across both geographies and industries.”

As a result, Eagle Professional Resources concluded its 2011 fiscal year with more than $110 million in revenue, topping the two previous years of $86 million and $80 million, respectively.

“Diversification was a conscious strategy. There was a point in time where we were very dependent on one large client and that client represented more than 50 per cent of our business. It’s nice to have such large clients but it’s also a bit scary to be so dependent on just one client,” Dee explained.

With this, Eagle Professional Resources endeavored to grow its client base, pursuing different industries that it hadn’t in the past, including the telecommunications sector, which today has grown to become a large part of Eagle Professional Resources’ business, as has the bank industry through the same strategy.

Competitive perspective

With a background as system integrators, Eagle Professional Resources entered the staffing industry with solid processes in technology and strategy, giving the company a different perspective of the business from its competition.

“This is a people driven business, so you need to be able to step back from a strategy standpoint and establish long-term strategies, medium-term, short-term, and go for them,” Dee explained. “Technology wise, we have invested in the best technology in the industry. We’re also a 50 Best company and have been since 1999, which we’re very proud of, so that forces us to get better at our processes and making sure that we’re doing best practices.”

Janis Grantham, President and COO of Eagle Professional

Resources, added, “We’ve never sat back and maintained the status quo on anything. We’re always looking for ways to do things better and more innovatively and more efficiently, involving as many people in that process as we can, to know we’re not coasting, because if you’re coasting, I think by definition you’re falling behind.”

Innovative Solutions

Eagle Professional Resources established Innovate Solutions, a mandate to continuously look to improve its service offering to clients. Eagle Professional Resources also conducts Offshore Recruiting in order to subsidize and boost the effectiveness and skill set of its existing domestic recruiters.

Another development, Virtual Recruiter, is a concept that assists clients who do not regularly deal with the staffing industry. Dee noted, “They stick a job on Monster.ca and hope they get the right people, but our concept is that if you post the job on our site, you get a much more targeted audience. It has proven to be a nice addition to our offerings.”

Eagle Professional Resources then accumulates these applications, and additionally conducts a pre-screening to suggest the top candidates. Many large clients of Eagle Professional Resources utilize this unique and affordable service to supplement their existing internal staffing operations.

Room for further growth

Moving forward, Eagle Professional Resources wants to continue to grow its professional services. Today, IT still represents about 80 per cent of its business, meaning there is plenty of room for growth, as well as new service offerings.

“We will look at expansion beyond Canada over the next 10 years, so it is growth and continuing to service our clients,” Dee summarized. “The world will change significantly over the next 10 years, as we will see labour and skills shortages here in Canada.

“When we started the company, it was a conscious effort to create a culture, not just let it happen. Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, teaches that if companies are built on principles, then it will solidify your decision making process. We established our core values, mission, and vision, and they guide every decision we make. We want to operate a team-based atmosphere, as opposed to a bunch of individuals.”